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Phidza Kainga

In my eyes the Khaleesi is the spoiled brat, Ser Jorah Barristan is the pervy butler, the dragons are the pets, and Meereen is her inherited mansion. Too bad the workers don't like her, but she will be alright, after all Tyrion is with her and he is our hero!

The queen of dragons was almost assassinated! Where is Drogon when you need him? That's right! He is out of sight until you are about to die! You have to love him though and forgive him for burning a little girl to a crisp, and dropping the bones in front of the father in true Dragon form!

He's so cute, look at that bloody smile :)
He's so cute, look at that bloody smile :)

Am I the only one who thinks that the mother of dragons actually had a baby dragon in her womb the whole time when she was pregnant in Game of Thrones Season 1?

The prophecy says, "A prince is riding. I've heard the thunder of his hooves. Swift as the wind he rides. His enemies will cower before him... and their wives will weep tears of blood... the Stallion Who Mounts the World". That sounds like a dragon to me. I am paraphrasing, 'Swift as the wind he flies, mounting the world'

When the baby was born, it had leathery skin, it had scales, and it had wings like a bat. I think the witch killed the baby but she did not make the baby leathery, scaly and wingsy. Why would she? It's pointless. She would just kill it and not mutate it . So maybe it already had leathery skin, scales and wings before she killed it, and it was just a dragon. Drogon's big brother!

I think Daenerys will have another baby with either Hizdahr (posthumous) or Daario and its going to be a dragon, you'll see.

I didn't enjoy this weeks episode of Game of Thrones though.

After all the disturbing deaths that I have seen so far, I am too numb to be shocked by this latest attempt to intrigue and disturb viewers. I think its been over done and it has lost its taste. I ended up not giving a crap about the poor girl. It was such a cheap shot. An attempt to tug on the sensitivities of viewers. The smirk on the priestess as she set the alter on fire, and the cold hungry look on Stannis's face, reflecting how his desperation justifies his actions. Yes yes, I am shocked at the inhumanity. "How could he kill his own little girl who has suffered so much already??". Her death did not provoke any feelings in me at all and this is not the worst offense. The worst offense is that they made me wish so desperately for what I think is the outcome of this recent sacrifice. Which is the death of Ramsay Snow. Kill that little boy NOW! I can't even begin to describe my hate and disgust for that guy.

Of course Reek deserved what he got, but I hate how Ramsay had to be such a douche about it. Now I can't buy sausage without thinking of this scene...

Shouldn't the sausage be skinned first?
Shouldn't the sausage be skinned first?

He ruined it for me! I am already so angry and I haven't even started talking about the rape of Sansa. I could go on and on about Ramsay but that has already been discussed somewhere.

Apparently it was Ramsay who drove Stannis to madness by killing more than a hundred man, and all the food they had, all with just twenty men. Which means he is very smart and tactical which is why he is such an annoyance. So this sacrifice was Ramsay's fault, add it to his long list of offenses. I hope and pray they make his death visually disturbing!! See what I wish for now? I am messed up.


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