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There is a lot of people who doubt Batman v Superman can deliver (I have doubts myself). However, there are misconceptions about the movie. Yes, at this time... we have not seen the movie, but it doesn't mean there are a lot of things people over-exaggerate about. Are there certain red flags people have about the movie even after the amazing trailer... OF COURSE!

  • Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor
  • Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman (maybe less concerned than Eisenberg)
  • The date of the release was moved twice
  • Man of Steel universe setup
  • Zack Snyder considered a Hit and Miss director

Lots and lots of reasons. Let's get to the "over" part.


After that SDCC trailer, it definitely started a positive buzz about the movie. Many actually have more faith in the project and for good reason. David Goyer was replaced by Chris Terrio, Ben Affleck is helping with the direction, the movie has a better color pallet, using Man of Steel complaints as a strength, and much more. However, there is still negativity towards the film!

Many people think it is over-hyped. With all the negative view towards this movie, people still not liking the DCEU direction, casting choices, and the amount of characters in the movie people don't approve of... NO! Not over-hyped. People think it will be bad. Since we're talking about amount of characters...


Ok, I understand! They're introducing characters without an origin movie, they are trying to establish a world with 2 movies in, and some are concerned if the characters movie will take away from Batman and Superman. More rumors are resurfacing, but does this mean it's overcrowded. NO! The movie will tell us this and Snyder said himself characters like Aquaman will have minor roles. They are establishing the universe.

I'm worried myself about Batman v Superman being overcrowded, but execution is EVERYTHING! I'm also worried about [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409).

"But wait Thoughts, Marvel already established those characters and their universe! The Russo Brothers made Winter Soldier!"

Yes, TWS was awesome and their universe is already established, but there's more characters confirmed in Civil War than there is in BvS.

BvS is NOT a Man of Steel sequel, but Civil War is a sequel to The Winter Soldier. The concern is will it be a true Captain American movie and how focus will the movie be on Rogers with so many characters. Both movies will probably be great.

In Over Its Head

In some ways... yes it is to most people! Batman taking on Superman, quite a few characters in the movie, casting choices, etc. This DCEU is still not truly established, but this movie will definitely lay out the ground work. It's doing a lot at the start.

In Conclusion

Some of you saying no one is over-hyping the movie. Well, people did so it was over-hyped, but it was rare! Also, people say it's a cash grab. Well.. duh, like almost every movie franchise. Overcrowded and in over it's head reminds to be seen! Execution is key. Sure, people loved the trailer, but said it's like the MoS trailer. MoS trailers were masterpieces, but the movie could've been better (even though I liked it). This movie is definitely selling us on Batman and Superman battling each other. Only time will tell!

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