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Spider-Man/Peter Parker: Asa Butterfield

The best choice to go with here, to give the fans what they want, a long and exciting Spider-Man series, is Asa Butterfield. Asa is a young, talented actor, who would fit the role of a young, growing Peter Parker perfectly. Just as long as the older he gets, he puts some meat on himself, we'll be just fine!('cause we all know that Spidey does get a lot bigger.)

Mary Jane Watson: Shailene Woodley

With a young Peter Parker, you would have to obviously go with a young Mary Jane. Shailene Woodley would be a good fit for the role. She is beautiful, young, and of course, red-headed. In my opinion, any young, good looking, talented, red-headed actress would be a great choice for the role.

Aunt May Parker: Jennifer Aniston

Yes, I went there. We want a Spider-Man movie with star power, and we're starting everything fresh, with young actors. Jennifer Aniston is almost 50 years old, and we want a longer Spider-Man series, so that could be the perfect age for an Aunt May. By the way, Jennifer is HOT, as we all know, so why not make Pete have an attractive aunt?

Uncle Ben Parker: Tom Hanks

One of my favorite actors of all time, Tom Hanks! Tom Hanks would be perfect for any role you give him. Although Marvel has announced that we won't see an origin that takes up the first 45 minutes of the movie, that doesn't mean we won't see flashbacks, because honestly, I guarantee we will see and hear Uncle Ben say the good old phrase we know and love, "With great power, comes great responsibility." and who else would we rather hear say those words other than Tom Hanks?

The Green Goblin/Norman Osborn: Liam Neeson

Norman Osborn/Green Goblin is Spidey's main antagonist, and has a HUGE impact on the entire Marvel Comic Universe, so why not cast the amazingly talented, bad ass, Liam Neeson to fill that BIG role? Mr. Neeson is one of the greatest actors there has been, and he's played GREAT villains. I would LOVE to see him play Norman.

Harry Osborn/Green Goblin 2: Tom Holland

There can be a lot of young actors to play Harry, but Tom Holland is right around Asa's age, and why not make him the salty jealous friend-turned-arch enemy of Mr. Butterfield's Parker?? Seeing he's actually one of the finalists to play Peter, as we speak, that could work out GREAT. He would be a great fit for the role as Harry, but the question mark would be how he would do taking over the mantle as the Green Goblin when the time comes.

J. Jonah Jameson: J.K. Simmons

An absolutely amazing cast by Sam Raimi, one of the best castings of all time! J.K. Simmons perfected the role of the antagonizing editor of the Daily Bugle. Simmons acted and looked just like the character. He needs to reprise his role, do to how amazing he did. He is simply irreplaceable.

Venom/Eddie Brock: Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy would be a spectacular choice as Spider-Man's most popular villain. He did an awesome job as Bane in 'The Dark Knight Rises', as he played an aggressive, fierce, awesome character. He expressed interest in joining the MCU, but as the Punisher, so why not give him a role just about as dark and awesome? Honestly, I could picture WWE superstar Brock Lesnar portraying him as well, and if you want to see a more 'Marvel Ultimate' style Eddie Brock, how about a man we all know, Marshal Mathers?Other than that, Tom Hardy would be AWESOME to see.

Carnage/Cletus Kassady: Jim Carrey

Another awesome actor that would fit an awesome role. He has the look and acting ability to portray, no offense to Jim, Spider-Man's most psychotic villain, serial killer, Cletus Kassady, which becomes Carnage. Carnage is my favorite villain, so I would LOVE to see him done correctly, which in my opinion would be Mr. Carrey!

Kraven the Hunter/Sergei Kravinoff: Dwyane 'The Rock' Johnson

Aye, a man can dream, right? The Rock is a very talented human being, so I wouldn't doubt he would be able to pull of a good accent. He has the fierce appearance and intense personality as Kraven the Hunter has. Unfortunately, this is 99.9% out of the question due to his cast of 'Black Adam' in the DC universe, like I said, a man can dream, right?

Electro/Max Dillon: Steve Carell

Personally, I think this would be an awesome casting, because Max Dillon is kind of a goofy nerd in the comics before he becomes Electro. On top of that, we should have a villain that brings some comedy, along with some seriousness...Steve Carell could get that done!

Doctor Octopus/Otto Octavius: Sean Penn

Another key villain in Spidey's extremely large and amazing rogues gallery, Doc Ock, who I honestly think deserves a new 'bad ass' approach, should be portrayed by Sean Penn. Sean Penn has played some bad ass characters before, and he just has the appearance that I would choose as Doc Ock if I was casting for Marvel. What would be cooler than Sean Penn running around New York kicking ass with 4 mechanical arms?

Mysterio/Quentin Beck: Will Ferrell

Yes...I went there again, don't call me crazy yet! Mysterio is an awesome but goofy character. Quentin Beck is a strange man, so why not just make him somewhat of a comedy relief character, but make him still a serious villain at times. The bowl on his head is actually pretty awesome in my opinion, and what would be better than seeing Will Ferrell's face in there?

The Vulture/Adrian Toomes: John Malkovich

This cast might be the most perfect one of them all. He was suppose to play Adrian Toomes in Sam Raimi's 'Spider-Man 4' before it was unfortunately cancelled. Mr. Raimi would've gotten it spot on with this one. Malkovich looks as if he was born to play the character!

The Hobgoblin/Roderick Kingsley: Leonardo DiCaprio

This would be another awesome cast. The Hobgoblin is an awesome villain with an interesting origin story. Roderick Kingsley is a fashion designer before he becomes The Hobgoblin. Of course there are multiple different dingbats to have had the Hobgoblin mantle, but let's be real, Leo looks like he could be a fashion designer, as well as a kickass super villain.

The Chameleon/D'mitri Smerdyakov: Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is a great actor who I feel would be a great fit for the Chameleon, one of the villains that could potentially do the most damage to our Friendly Neighborhood Web-slinger, attack his heart. The Chameleon is also the half brother of Kraven the Hunter, this is a HUGE role.

The Lizard/Dr. Curt Connors: Lonnie 'Common' Lynn Jr.

Curt Connors is an extremely intelligent man, and he is white in the comics, but add a twist to it, and cast an intelligent and extremely talented man, Common. This man can do it all, and I could also see him being a GREAT Curt Connors, who turns into the Lizard, which is another major villain in Spidey's gallery.

The Black Cat/Felicia Hardy: Anne Hathaway

Another one that Raimi had going for 'Spider-Man 4' which is why she took the similar role in 'The Dark Knight Rises' as Catwoman. She is HOT. As we've seen before, she played an awesome, sexy, flirtatious anti-hero, and even love interest. I would love to see her with the Black Cat's white hair and tight fur-lined suit!

The Shocker/Herman Schultz: Sam Worthington

The Shocker can really be played by anyone, because he's got a mask on for the most part while he's kicking ass, but the select few times he's taken his mask off in the comics helped me determine that Herman Schultz would be well played by Sam Worthington.

The Scorpion/Mac Gargan: Liev Schreiber

Mac Gargan is yet another huge villain in Spidey's universe. He is a pretty big dude with great acting skills that would fit excellently as the Scorpion. He did an awesome job as Sabretooth in 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'. Schreiber would really bring the character alive in my opinion.

The Sandman/William Baker(Flint Marko): Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold would make a great Sandman, obviously we would have to use a lot of CGI and all but when it's all said and done, we'll be looking at the perfect cast of the badass Sandman.

The Rhino/Alexei Sytsevich: Sylvester Stallone

'Rocky' can pull just about anything off. He'd be a kickass super villain, so why not make him the voice of The Rhino? He has the perfect accent and voice for The Rhino...The body itself could be CGI'd, this is also a pretty tricky one.

Hydro-Man/Morris Bench: Ashton Kutcher

The less major the villain the more I'm running out of ideas, to be honest, but Ashton Kutcher would be a good choice for Morris Bench, The Hydro-Man.

Tombstone/Lonnie Lincoln: Dolph Lundgren

Tombstone is a big, tall, badass henchmen who has worked for Hammerhead, who I'll be casting next, and the Kingpin, who doesn't even need to be dream casted, due to the great choice in the 'Daredevil' TV series, where he was portrayed amazinginglyby Vincent D'Onofrio. Dolph Lundgren played The Punisher back in the 80s, so he isn't new to the whole bad ass concept. He's decent sized and very tall, which is what Tombstone is.

The Hammerhead-Jayceon 'The Game' Taylor

This is kind of a bold casting. Reason being is that The Hammerhead's origin is almost unknown. Only things known is that he was born somewhere in Russia, and that he was born into the 'Maggia' gang. His appearence would look very strange on screen, due to the top of his head being completely flat, because of his skull being shattered in a brawl. The only other thing we know is just his first name, Joseph. Now, the reason I cast the rapper, The Game, is that to add a twist to it, recreate Hammerhead's origin on screen, and change the gangster into a gangsta, I guess you can say. The Game is a talented actor that is also very passionate when he raps about where he's from, so why not have the character have a similar background as him, scratch the flat head, and give him a fresh flattop? Just a thought.

Joe 'Robbie' Robertson: Denzel Washington

I don't even need to explain why...this would be perfect.

Richard and Mary Parker: Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst

This would just be flashbacks of course, so why not?! Just for old time sake!!!

Thank you!

I got a lot of Spidey's characters dream casted...a few I haven't casted was the beautiful Gwen Stacy because Emma Stone was absolutely amazing, and I'm still in love with her for that role! I also didn't cast Flash Thompson because he's a big part of Spidey's origin and transformation from being a nerdy kid to a web-slinging stud. So we basically don't need him, but if we do, marvel would just have to cast an athletic looking dude that can act for 5 seconds. Now when it comes to Morbius, the Living Vampire...that one is sort of tricky, whether you would like to consider him a villain, anti-hero, or what not, that's hard. If Jared Leto wasn't casted as The Joker in DC's 'Suicide Squad' I would say he would hands down be the best choice for Morbius. Other than that, this is my dream cast for the new Spider-Man reboot! Let me know what you guys think!


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