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First off, let me state that this is not a hate message towards this movie. I am very excited for Ant-Man and I "Myself" want to see what Marvel has in store for the "Ant sized hero" on July 17, 2015.

As You "The fans" can tell is that Marvel is pretty bold and solid in making great movies and big unexpected box office successes within the past 7 years marvel has been making movies, so expect anything. This guy may be the next big thing! (Or next ant sized thing). No hate towards Ant-Man, but this may be fact... Ant-Man may not do so well at the Box Office and let me state my theory on why.

As you "The fans of movies" may know is that within now and July 17th, there is a lot of movies that are going to be good coming out within the next few weeks. We have 'Jurassic World' opening today, and we have two reasonably good box office contenders in the next two weeks. Those movies are 'Ted 2' and 'Max', two reasonable and most likely Box office successes, and within the next two weeks after that is 3 more movies that will cause a stir at the box office, 'Magic Mike XXL', 'Terminator Genisys', and 'Minions'. Now lets all take a moment and think about the facts here. We have 5 major movies coming out within the time Ant-Man comes out, and lets think about this, all five of those movies have a large fan base.

Now How Does This Tie In To Ant-Man?

These movies are still going to be out when Ant-Man comes out, that means that there is going to still be a large portion of the audience still going to see these other movies before taking the first thought to go see Ant-Man, Ant-Man may not have that major box office surprise Marvel always brings in. In my theory, this movie could be one of the most amazing Marvel movies ever, but may not bring in the Marvel madness at the Box Office just because there are going to be too many movies out with major fan bases. Remember this is not a hate message. I love Marvel and have always been a major fan and I will go see Ant-man, Its just... it may not get the success it deserves if it is a good movie.


Will Ant-Man be a Box Office Success?


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