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Multiple universes is the really interesting part of comics as it just gives the writer to write stories without foiling the continuity. But will it work in the small or big screen? I don't think it would work on the big screen but I think that not only will this idea survive in there but would thrive. It would be completely entertaining as we get a lot more of our favourites in more frequency.

The basement to my Idea

Both the big guys of superhero comics have been playing a lot with the multiple universe idea and both of 'em have some good stories and some ridiculous stories but what if they get it to the small screen? I'm not referring to the travelling between the worlds, but I'm asking for the stories from the other worlds. It would be awesome to see the Russian superman kicking ass or see the spider man India. It would be awesome as fans would get more of their idol and also get more stories and view their role models in a whole new way. I would take the franchises to a whole new level and will also entertain the non-fans and would possibly make them a fan. The most impressing part about this is that small actors are given a chance. The stories could be brief or long or also in the middle. It could also crossover with the movies that are cannon in events that are (not the ridiculous ones like the incursions from marvel where planets collide for some strange reason and destroy their universes) and aid with the plot. Flash's plots are mostly bond with these sort of alternate realities. Also it would be a solid and entertaining run. Think about it...

The suggestions from me

It makes a good deal but it could go down if done really bad and thereby shedding some bad views on the idea and stalling the idea from spreading, so here are my preferences. I could be wrong, hence you guys please comment your suggestions, point my mistakes and stuff.

1) Make the episodes independent of each other (unless they are sequels)

The way it works is that each episode portray a different universe and if an episode is not sufficient then 2 or 3 can be allotted, but try to make it as brief as possible. It would allow more depiction and also give the viewer a complete story every week. This would make the multi-verse more interesting as each story does not affect the next story and thereby not pull it down. The downfall is that it won’t pull the other episodes up either. Each episode is on its own.

2) Give the small actors the roles

The reason is to give them a chance. Since it is based on multi-verse, the characters need not be displayed by the same actor. Also it is necessary to have a different view on each character.

3) The name of the series

The series could be named easily as Marvel Multi-verse or DC multi-verse but it is sort of lazy and lame. My suggestions are

• Stories of other worlds

• DC/Marvel , What ifs

• Not cannon

• Other Worlds

• Alternatives

• comment your suggestions

4) Cut straight in

Don't beat around the bush and just give the story straight. There need not be dragged up scenes as all you get is a couple of episodes at most. Just make all the important part the main motive and push aside all other stuff such as romance. It need not necessarily be absent but it shouldn't be the main part unless it's a part of the plot.

5) Add some original stories

All the episodes might not be based on comics, though some could be. It must be possible for the writer of episode to create a new alternative. This will give more space for ideas and creativity and not get the show stuck in a small puddle of ideas.

Here are a few suggestions on episodes

Russian Superman, Spider man India, Vampire Batman, Kryptonian Green Lantern, Female Iron Man, Magneto (from Marvel Zombies), A world where all people have meme faces.


Will it work???


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