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I haven't included Powers here, given I just couldn't get into it. Also, these 8 shows were all great. I loved them all except the ones that I just liked, which weren't that many. It's truly an amazing time to be a comicbook fan as television can deliver such amazing content, but when it comes down to it, we nerds love our lists, so here are my own (somewhat controversial) rankings of the 2014-2015 season of comicbook superhero tv finales.

8. Constantine

I’m sorry Constantine! As much as I loved the show and the character and want a second season, the finale was fairly ‘meh’. While it drove home a point that sometimes the evilest demons aren’t demons at all, but it really didn’t need to put this message across, especially not in a finale to a supernatural show. Papa Midnite’s appearance hardly made it increase in quality and his easy outwitting and quick dealing with made his presence redundant except to set up a not-so-amazing twist at the end, which could have been achieved without Midnite being in custody. I enjoyed Jim Corrigan coming back and enjoyed the episode fairly, but it was hardly a finale. It felt like a filler episode. A better finale would be what they had for the midseason finale. It might even have gotten a renewal. I still do love the show though and it has definite rewatch value, but it just saddens me to consider the idea that maybe the reason Constatine wasn’t renewed was because it delivered a lazy filler for the finale when so much more had been promised.

7. Agent Carter

The Agent Carter finale felt like it was finally what the series wanted to be. It didn’t get too bogged down on extreme feminism, while it didn’t seem like it was rejecting its roots. Honestly, I watched the show in a binge and I feel that’s why I enjoyed it. Week-by-week it’d be too droll, but with the tension building the episode before, the finale delivered. Dr Faustus was an ok menace to deal with and the climax was one of the more tense parts of the show. Dottie Underwood hadn’t delivered throughout the whole season and she just couldn’t deliver the goods in time. She has been set up as a villain next season though, but I just don’t care enough about her. The finale felt like the perfect wrap-up, but it was the perfect wrap-up to a so-so show.

6. Daredevil

Honestly, I don’t understand the big deal about Daredevil. It’s very forgettable and Kingpin hardly has a moment to shine and when he does, he really isn’t that good a character. The action pieces were pretty good, but the final costume felt a bit lackluster. Still reeling from the awfully pulled-off plot point of Foggy discovering Daredevil’s identity, the finale felt a bit a dull. I don’t quite understand why the show felt like it was ok to call Daredevil by his comicbook name, but not even have the Kingpin referred to as his name when in the show, he was a kingpin of crime and there was an episode set in a bowling alley. But no reference to Kingpin, not even a visual nod (a white suit in the finale would have be great). Kingpin just felt like the average mob boss. The finale did have a good scene though, when the opera was playing and everyone was getting arrested. But really, Daredevil was an incredibly overrated piece of television and I feel like it thought it could take advantage of the Netflix medium to screw around with pointless filler, even though it’s only 13 episodes. The only reason it’s above Agent Carter is because of its cinematography and action pieces.

5. Arrow

Arrow has always been able to deliver, but I’m afraid this year the competition was so good. Arrow fell down in strength this season, although maybe this was because of the other high-quality shows that were coming out. It was still a pretty great show. It just didn’t adapt to keep up with the barrage of new shows of high quality. In that way, it fell down, but it still delivered and it might’ve been a stellar season, if not for other great shows airing alongside it. This is because all the shows are new besides Agents of SHIELD, which delivered a fairly poor first season and wasn’t considered a threat. The season had built up to an epic confrontation with Ras Al Ghul, but Oliver’s simple betrayal and the quick fight with Ras was incredibly anti-climatic. The “must be May” line was hilarious though, which is a bit of an awkward sidenote, but I thought it’d be cool to mention it. It did set up a lot for next season though. With the new direction promised for next season and a tonal shift to something that will probably be more accepted in the current age of superhero tv, the show can only get better.

4. iZombie

iZombie was the most surprising show of the lot. I didn’t expect anything out of it, but it delivered in a surprising way. I previously wrote an article about why you should watch it for those that still haven’t seen it. It’s a killer show and the finale was done exactly like a normal episode, but without it detracting from the episode as a whole, which is a problem the Constantine finale suffered with. Blaine was as charming as ever and I feel like he reached his charming climax in this episode. He may or may not go higher, but either way, I hope he returns next season. He’s a truly menacing villain and under Eobard, Merlyn Grant Ward, Penguin and Cal Zabo, he was one of the top tier villains this year. Although given his relative lack of screentime (appearing every now and again in a series consisted of 12 episodes). Characters had major developments. The only real problem I had with it was how Liv’s brother was only used to set up a story thread in Season 2 and how fast Liv took back her “curse” on Major. Otherwise, it was a great finale that tied up the first season and set up the second nicely.

3. Agents of SHIELD

The Agents of SHIELD finale felt so good. It felt rewarding. The first season had a rough start and eventually got better so it could successfully hit a good vibe by the end, but it was a bit of a shambles. The second season acknowledged these problems and made them feel like a problem of the past, delivering a killer season with an awesome plot and amazing acting and character development. The finale felt like the culmination of that. It had a war of epic proportions for tv and if it hadn’t been for the other stellar television that was on, it would have shined above the rest as the greatest finale of the year. There were some great action scenes rivalling Arrow in terms of choreography and realism. What it set up for the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the fish oil revelation was refreshing (seeing the show affect the movies). The characters delivered and the length really made it feel like a movie, which I thoroughly enjoyed, while Jiaying, Mr Hyde and Ward were awesome as villains and the finale was packed with so much emotion and great moments that it made me feel sad that the show was still being called one of the worse shows of the superhero lot.

2. Flash

The Flash delivered a phenomenal finale and left the audience wanting more. The effects were the greatest they have been and that’s saying something on a show like The Flash. The effects rivalled something at the end rival something a movie would put out. Considering the tv budget and how much of it had already been used, this was a fantastic. The acting, drama, action and comedy were as top notch as ever and if the penultimate episode (which leads directly into the finale) is to be counted as part of the finale, the finale absolutely excels. This was good television and the season preceding it was also fantastic television. In Eobard Thawne we found the greatest villain of all these shows and in Barry Allen, we found a relatable and likable protagonist. The other cast members also delivered and there was one particular shock that stood out (the Eddie one) and the episode successfully set up the future. I actually had this one first, but I changed it post-writing when I discovered I felt more strongly about a different finale.

1. Gotham

Gotham exceeded itself in the finale. Getting off to a fairly rough start and having a few so-so episodes, the show was never really that big a deal compared to the other shows. The acting was always superb and I’m glad the finale found a proper role for Barbara Gordon. The finale played on the idea that it was the culmination of Penguin’s character arc as he ascended from the man who held Fish Mooney (an underboss)’s umbrella to the “king of Gotham”. Penguin himself has been well utilised and acted, being a cunning, manipulative and violent menace that rivals Eobard Thawne in greatness. Flash itself was a better show, but Gotham pulled through and came out with an awesome finale. The story really felt like a culmination of the whole series and everything finally paid off, but many tantalising strings were left dangling. Many scenes stood out, such as the Riddler’s descent into madness ( which was personally awesome for me, given my love for both the comicbook Riddler and the show’s Edward Nygma) and the Penguin claiming he was “king of Gotham”. Shocking deaths (Sal Maroni and arguably Fish Mooney) and character turns (Barbara, Butch and Falcone) aplenty, this finale delivered. I think what makes this finale the great one is that while Flash outdid itself in terms of effects, it ironically couldn’t keep up with a precedent it had set for itself plot-wise. What the Gotham finale did was become the culmination of the incredibly well-done back half of the season which fixed up previous problems by acknowledging them and making them better.

So which finale did YOU think was the best? Share your opinion in the comments!


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