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Leigh Whannel's new Character The Man Who Can't Breathe he is also called The Man Who lives in Vents,he is the Demon who haunts Quinn Brenner in the new chapter of INSIDIOUS.HE appears as a thin man with corpse-like skin in a hospital gown. he wears a breathing mask that covers his grimy and deformed skin.He is first introduced when Quinn tries to make a contact with her recently dead mother,he repeatedly terrorizes Quinn shortly after this;first distracting her from oncoming traffic which results in breaking her legs,after when he pushes her off bed several times and tries to kill her dragging out of the window.He lives in the apartment above the Brenner's which is supposed to be abandoned.He is able to posses people,which he will typically do to make his victims commit suicide he does this because he want to keep their souls as his pets.He can also shape-shift into victims loved ones.After all in the end he is defeated by Quinn when she pulls off his mask,making him vomit large amounts of dust


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