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Jon Handschin

Welcome to the first Moviepilot Magazine. Every two months, this new, recurring format will feature a collection of texts revolving around one specific idea. We want to explore each topic in all its richness with top lists, guest editorials, interviews, infographics, videos and much more.

In this special edition of the Moviepilot Magazine we take a closer look at our “Stars to Watch”: who are the young stars that have what it takes to break through in the fierce competition of the Hollywood jungle to reach true A-list status? We invited filmmakers, producers, and writers like Ridley Scott, Simon Kinberg and Damon Lindelof, who generously shared their perspective in guest editorials. The legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger also contributed to the magazine with his own thoughts. You can read his piece, and the other personal endorsements about what sets each of these up-and-comers apart, as well as check out the finalists, in our 10 Stars to Watch list.

The companion editorials then look at the changing influence of franchise movies on the careers of young actors and actresses before inviting you on a walk down memory lane, exploring the “it kids” of decades past.

We dive even deeper in the next section, taking a closer look at the machinery behind the careers of today’s movie stars: Casting director Carmen Cuba shares her thoughts on what she looks for in the next big thing, and commercial agent Melissa Magnum gives us her pro tips in a guest op-ed on what to do – and not to do - if you want to make it as an actor today. And veteran talent manager Joanne Horowitz is featured in a piece about what she’s learned from her lengthy career representing some of the best talent in Hollywood.

But since even the best guidance can’t guarantee a rising star won’t want to give it all up once they reach the top, our outro text features perfect exit strategies for those wanting a life after Hollywood.


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