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He might be more well known for fighting zombies than super villains, but apparently Chandler Riggs a.k.a. Carl Grimes may have been up for the role of Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War!

Rigg's, who will turn 16 on June 27, tweeted on Thursday that his hopes of playing Spidey had been dashed, captioning his photo with the rather heartbreaking message "Good luck to whoever lands Spider-Man role - it would've been awesome for me."

Of course it's entirely possible that the Tweet was just Chandler voicing his dream of playing Spider-Man — after all, it would be an amazing opportunity for anyone, let alone a 15-year-old, but it could also indicate that the teen had auditioned for the part but didn't get it. If the latter is true, then perhaps that means that the actor who did get the part will be announced soon? We can hope.

Despite Riggs' Tweet, I still can't help but think that he would have made an amazing Spider-Man, especially after his character's journey on The Walking Dead from annoying little kid who won't stay in the house to pretty awesome and bad-ass zombie killer (who still won't stay in the house):

Season 1

In Season 1 there's no denying that Carl was a liability, being too weak to be able to fight or fend off walkers by himself the best he could hope for was a capable adult to watch his back.

Season 2

In Season 2 Carl actually endangered the lives of many when he teased a walker who was stuck in a swamp. After nearly being bitten he managed to escape the zombie, however it later made its way back to camp and feasted on Dale. Good one, Carl.

Season 3

It was during Season 3 that Carl finally grew a little more likable when he started showing promise for surviving in the zombie-ridden world. Unfortunately, the way he showed his new found capabilities was through killing his mother, Lori after she died after giving birth to his baby sister and turned into a walker. Tough break kid, but you handled it well.

Season 4

Carl Grimes the pudding eating bad-ass was introduced to us in Season 4 and proved that it was totally possible for a character to do a full 180 from annoying baby character, to kick-ass mofo in just a few seasons.

Season 5

Chandler Riggs' continued to make Carl a great character throughout Season 5 when this significantly more mature and competent Carl had some great moments holding his own in fights, and also finding his way in the new community at Alexandria (complete with possible new girlfriend!).

Captain America: Civil War will be released on May 6th, 2016, while The Walking Dead Season 6 is set to debut on AMC in October.

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