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So, Bill Murray is returning in a new comedy movie, although its setting isn't exactly known for its hilarity.

Titled Rock The Kasbah and directed by Barry Levinson, the comedy sees Murray heading to Afghanistan as a washed up rock tour manager. As you can imagine, Afghanistan isn't exactly the most happening place at the moment, although that doesn't seem to deter Murray's character. He seems to get involved in all manners of hi-jinks, including gun fights, kidnap and jamming with the locals. As you'd expect. Check out the trailer below:

If you think setting a comedy in Afghanistan is kind of a weird idea, well you'd probably be right. However, you need to realize Rock The Kasbah's director kind of has previous experience in this department, as he's also the guy behind Good Morning Vietnam, as well Rain Man and Diner. With this in mind, I can expect he is now well versed at finding humor in unusual places.

So far, the response around the trailer seems to be bit mixed, although most complaints seem to revolve around the fact the trailer for a film called Rock The Kasbah failed to actually include the famous Clash song, 'Rock The Kasbah.'

Rock The Kasbah enters theaters October 23.


Rock The Kasbah looks...

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