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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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You know how The Expendables is basically every famous action hero mashed into one big movie with lots of violent deaths and stuff? Well, Death House is gonna be just like that... only with horror icons!

The impressive classic horror rostrum includes Robert Englund, Gunnar Hansen, Sid Haig, Doug Bradley, Bill Moseley, Dee Wallace, Danny Trejo, Ken Foree, Michael Berryman and Barbara Crampton. Interested yet?

Death House's IMDb gives this taste of the horror to come:

The Four Horsemen are the most notorious serial killers of all time. Robert Englund’s weapon of choice is fire; Gunnar Hansen has an unquenchable thirst for human flesh; Bill Moseley is a surgeon, and tends to focus on mutilation and torture; and Doug Bradley shares a bond with spiders, particularly the Brown Recluse Spider, whose poison Bradley is happy to dispense among those unfortunate enough to meet him.

All four killers are safely housed in a maximum security wing in the basement of the infamous Dodhoff Prison, aka The Death House.

I'm in... how do you guys feel about it?


Will you be watching Death House?

Source: Imdb


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