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This artist needs to be hired immediately to design poster art for every film that is ever released. I'm not over-exaggerating. Flore Maquin's talent for visually appealing posters is out of this world.

Based in Lyon, France, Maquin's talent extends past movie posters. With an eye for powerful design, Maquin also works with producing logos, web designs, prints, photos, painting, and drawing. Just check out Flore Maquin's website here.

Some of the following films might want to hire this masterful artiste and hang these posters around town; they're stunning!

Is There Something in My Teeth?

Out of This World

The Man Behind the Man

That Hairdo Though

You've Got to be Joking

Mad for this Poster

Get Me a Milkshake Stat

*Cue Ominous Theme Song*

Going Psycho Over This One

Let's Travel to the 23rd Century

I Like The Way You Die, Boy

Return of the Jedi

My favorite on has to be The Fifth Element poster. The attention to detail and that glossy shine on her face is so beautiful.

Who am I kidding though? I really love them all. When I finally make my first film, I'm hiring Flore Maquin to do the artwork. Some people just have "the eye."

[Source: Flore Maquin]


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