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Actor Scott Eastwood has some pretty big shoes to fill. If the last name strikes you as sounding awfully familiar, it should: His dad is legendary actor-turned-director Clint Eastwood. If you were to do a double-take when you saw Scott, well, you couldn’t be blamed for it seeing as how he’s the spitting image of his dad.

Yet the younger Eastwood looks to carve his own acting path away from the elder. When starting his career, he was afraid that the name would result in nepotism, so for a while he adopted his mother's last name, Reeves. Still, while he may not be looking to follow in his father's footsteps, he has entered the same career. It's hard to ignore the comparisons. But 2015 looks like it might be the year he breaks free and makes a name for himself based on his own strengths.

While this blossoming star has had small bits and supporting roles in movies like Gran Torino, Invictus, Trouble with the Curve, Chasing Mavericks, Texas Chainsaw 3D, and Fury, he built a fan following for himself by starring in Nicholas Sparks adaptation The Longest Ride earlier this year. Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that movies based on Sparks’ novels have a way of catapulting their generally unknown leads to true stardom. And lately, he’s been generating a lot of buzz thanks to his mystery role in DC’s upcoming Suicide Squad and his involvement in Oliver Stone biopic Snowden. Being able to add playing a leading man love interest, taking part in a hugely anticipated comic book blockbuster, and working with Oliver Stone to your resume so early on in one’s career is no small feat. Surely, any young actor would be tempted to coast a bit and ride the coattails of his name.

Yet Eastwood is insistent on making sure it’s hard work, and not that name, that keeps him in front of the camera. He is surprisingly grounded and funny, because he knows that despite the name, the business is a grind and you have to really want it to succeed. “I never understood actors who could just wait around,” he once said during an interview with InStyle. That he’s a realist in a sea of make-believe is one of the most striking things about him, and how he defines himself:

I am not the greatest actor in the world, but the reason I keep working is that I work hard and show up every day and [am] easy to work with.

Being genetically blessed, both in looks and surname, might be a lucky break, but it’s that chip on Eastwood’s shoulder and dogged determination that will see him rising ever higher in the most elite of Hollywood circles. “In this business, you’re lucky to be doing what you’re doing,” he says. “To take that for granted pisses me off.”

“I’m going to succeed - and I’m going to make it happen on my own.”

So far, so good.


Scott Eastwood has a down-to-earth, no fuss quality that makes him completely relatable, and this blue collar vibe only serves to enhance his matinee idol good looks. He's best known from his roles as Sergeant Miles in Fury and Luke Collins in The Longest Ride. His upcoming film, Snowden, is in theaters on Christmas Day. (Image credit: The Longest Ride/20th Century Fox)


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