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The Marvel Cinematic Universe, as we cover in this digital magazine, has been the launchpad to fame and career growth for the vast majority of the cast. There’s one fan favorite supporting star, however, who hasn’t yet hit the highs the rest have: Jaimie Alexander, whom fans know and love as Lady Sif. But if any year is poised to be Alexander’s year, 2015 is it. The multi-talented actress is poised to break out in a big way this year, and to anyone following her career to this point, it’s long overdue.

With this fall’s Blindspot premiering on NBC and her joining the cast of star-studded thriller London Fields, Alexander is poised to introduce her considerable skills to audiences of both the small and big screen. Fans used to seeing her solely as a kicker of ass will be surprised, for the actress has surprising depth she’s not yet gotten to reveal in a toplining role. And Blindspot appears to be the vehicle that will get her there, with Alexander tackling the tricky and complex lead character of Jane Doe, a woman who wakes up naked without a single memory of who she is, in the middle of Times Square. She soon proves she has considerable - and deadly - skills, a force to be reckoned with. It’s an apt fictional comparison to Alexander’s personal style in her career.

Alexander’s greatest strength is that she’s able to be portray her characters as believably tough and edgy while at the same time exhibiting a deep well of vulnerability. When she hurts, you hurt with her - even if her natural inner steel lends itself to playing characters that will rarely voice that hurt aloud. Not that they need to: With a simple widening of her ultra-expressive eyes, you can see straight through to her core, even if the role requires her to be holding a sword or gun at the time. It’s a mix of strong and fragile that takes many actresses years to achieve, let alone being able to use simultaneously in their performances.

Ultimately, there’s no guarantee that Blindspot will be a hit or miss with audiences. But at a time when many are asking for more visible and realistic roles for women, they should look no further than Alexander. She may not be a household name yet, but if she continues to magnetically command every scene she’s in, she soon will be.


There’s never a moment that she’s on screen that Jaimie Alexander is anything less than commanding and comfortable in her own skin. She's best known from her roles of Lady Sif in the Thor movies and [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](tag:722469) and as Jessi in Kyle XY. Her new series, Blindspot, premieres on NBC this fall. (Image credit: Thor: The Dark World/Marvel Studios)


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