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I have accumulated so much fabric, feathers, beads, sparkles, paint, yarn, and the likes over the years. And I have no idea what to do with them.

Looking through these homemade cosplay outfits made me realize that I could totally create some fabulous works of art with the materials I have just sitting in my drawers, untouched for years.

Check out these inspiration DIY costumes, which are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

1. No One's Slick Like Gastons

What's better than one hunk of solid muscle and manliness? Two of them. Oh, how the Gastons make us swoon!

2. Am I Not Turtle-y Enough for the Turtle Club?

They're teenaged, they're mutants, and they look killer in green. Get used to it.

3. Wowzer, Bowser!

This boy and his down are killing the costume game.

4. Yzma and her Llamas

This cosplayer even has the evil Yzma look down. What a true professional.

5. The Sea Witch

I wouldn't want to get tangled with her tentacles.

6. Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

They may be little girls, but they sure know how to put up a good fight.

7. Magnificent Maleficent

I've never seen evil look so gosh darn cute.

8. Pikachu, I Choose You

She's got me feeling electric.

9. Brothers of the Mushroom Kingdom

It's time to save Princess Peach!

What to do with all this material? Why do I want to dress up as? Which character am I really digging these days?

Once I'll figure it out, I know I'll create something stunning. If these guys can do it, I suppose I can too.

[Source: Uproxx, Nerd Reactor, Brit + Co]


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