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Since comments are just diamonds in the rough, we’re making it easy for them to shine as standalone posts. Presenting comments, revamped!

Comments should be your content too. For example, you just finished reading a post on THE MOST EPIC BATTLES SCENES, PERIOD. But wait! While you do agree the attack on the Death Star rocked your flippin' socks off, the post's author forgot one important scene: the battle for Helm's Deep. Dutifully defend your opinion in the comments, then hit 'Publish.' Your comment will now show up in 3 places: 1) the bottom of the original post, 2) as its own post on your profile, and 3) in your followers' feeds. This works on desktop and mobile. Huzzah.

You can expect these changes to be live on Moviepilot very soon! That's it! We want to make sure more of what you say on Moviepilot gets featured on your profile. That way, it becomes a blazing beacon of YOU. Questions or concerns? Leave a comment below :)


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