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The Justice League in Gods and Monsters are accountable only to themselves it would seem. The heroes we knew and loved have gone, morphed into almost unrecognisable counterparts. Not evil just unforgiving..

Prequel to the DC Universe movie, Justice League: Gods & Monsters Chronicles is a series of DC shorts coming from Bruce Timm.

Timm is a DC veteran famed for bringing the best out of DC Comics animated editions of Batman, Superman, Superwoman and Justice League Cartoon strips.

Time for shock and awe tactics from DC.

Timm wants to take DC in a very different direction, Gods and Monsters is taking us off the grid, the ethically driven crime fighters are a thing of the past, Timm is bringing out the darker side out of our caped crusaders. Abandoned by those they protect, our troubled heroes fight on in secret. Although they're still technically 'the good guys', they may take a rather 'hands on approach' in this new storyline'.

The Justice League in Gods and Monsters
The Justice League in Gods and Monsters

But, Who is in the Justice League?

In the Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles their is Batman, Superman and Wonder woman, these are the good guys they face off against many a known DC villain throughout the series. These epic battles are rip roaring action pieces with many a controversial death and or revelation.

Forget everything you know about your childhood hero, Timm has taken our bedsheets embroidered heroes put them in the blender and pressed frappé. The DC icons are controversially altered, they fight for good but will obliterate any man that stands in their way.


Batman - Kirk Langstrom
Batman - Kirk Langstrom

Batman is not all sunshine and rainbows, he's not even Bruce Wayne, oh no, Batman's character was originally a scientist who was just days away from formulating a cure for cancer when an unfortunate accident in the lab turned him into a creature of the night.

This incident has transformed Kirk Langstrom into a very fashionable blood-sucking immortal. Batman preys on the dregs of society, Batman hunts down the law breakers almost out of necessity, the Batman needs to feed. Will his new position with the Justice League allow for him to find his soul and regain his lost humanity?


The Justice League in Gods and Monsters
The Justice League in Gods and Monsters

A character that spans a planet, known internationally as the worlds true superhero. Superman is widely regarded as the American cultural icon.

Remember how Superman, son of Jor-El was rocketed to earth as a child just before planet Krypton's destruction? Wrong! Forget all that.

Forget the big glasses and a nervous disposition. This time around Superman is not even the son of Jor-El, he’s actually, (brace yourself) the son of General Zod.

The Justice League in Gods and Monsters
The Justice League in Gods and Monsters

“Truth, justice and the American way” means something very different this hero. Superman in Gods and Monsters is the son of a poor immigrant farmer. Witness to abuse and class segregation his whole life. Victim of discrimination and austerity the world is soon to discover how far the man of steel can bend before he snaps.

Wonder woman

The Justice League in Gods and Monsters
The Justice League in Gods and Monsters

Wonder Woman is known as Bekka, who was the bride of the New God Orion. She hails from Apokolip’s sister planet, New Genesis.

Earth in the 1960s—where a woman-warrior from a faraway world finds herself among a group of young idealists, seeking peace and love in a time of turbulence and upheaval. But Bekka of the New Gods finds her Aquarian dream abruptly shattered when she encounters the monstrous genius of Doctor Psycho and the Shock Exchange! - DC

This time around these gods among us are all together more twisted. At the end of the day, it's an alternative look into a world of infinite possibilities and I love it. Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles has turned the DC Universe upside-down. It is now almost impossible to tell the good guys from the bad guys. Are they here to rule or protect?

Let's see the team in action

I always knew that Harley Quinn was a little disturbed but her latest confrontation with Batman is off the Chain. Episode 1 gives us a look into the deeply disturbed mind of Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn In Justice League: Gods & Monsters Wears Less Clothes But Is Even More Disturbed! From modelling family corpses to manufacturing human jack in a boxes this is one great introduction to the series. Enjoy.

I Can't Believe Superman Did That!

Episode 2 takes us into the heart of a national disaster, we are at ground zero, an unknown force is tearing the city apart. The only option we have is to nuke it. The president is forced into making a decision that will kill hundreds if not thousands of people. But wait.. is it a bird or a plane? Oh its superman on a plane.. Enjoy.

There is one episode remaining of the Justice League: Gods & Monsters Chronicles series. That episode will feature the new mysterious adaptation of Wonder Woman.

This series is a build up to Timm's very own feature movie titled, Justice League: Gods and Monsters that will debuts this summer, July 28.

The story will follow on from the deaths of a few of earth's best and most notable scientists, the Justice League's accountability is challenged by the world's governments. The movie follows the League through this troubled time.

I love this take on the classic, what do you think? Too much or not enough!?

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