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It's been another fantastic week on Moviepilot and we are BACK with the Top Ten New Creator Posts This Week! We've got a great list this week as well. This weeks top 10 is another winner, with a solid blend of quizzes, videos, fan art work and editorials that all deserve some love. Check them out and give these guys and gals a warm MP welcome!

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Which Character From The Hobbit Is Your Soulmate? By Flavia Isabel Loci

The Lord of the Rings franchise's swan song trilogy, The Hobbit, may have come to an end but the franchise has an Elven lifespan thanks to it's adoring fandom (of which we are proud members!). If you've ever wondered which of the incredible Tolkien characters is your soulmate, Flavia Isabel Loci has the perfect quiz for you!

6 Facts About Jurassic Park You Might Not Know by Brendan Dando

Who's excited to see Jurassic World? I know I am. But before we all rush to the cinema to watch this blockbuster, let's take it back to the original Jurassic Park movie with some mind-blowing trivia. New Creator Brendan Dando has been kind enough to put together a list of facts we could've have googled, but then probably chose not to because we've got Brendan to enlighten us. Check out his video, as well as his post, and be sure to show him some love in the comments.

Thor and Hulk by Suupergirl

What if I told you that there was an illustrator who recreated her favorite 52 super heroes in 52 weeks? You might be thinking, "what!? how did she do that!?" Well, that artist happens to be none other than Suupergirl, that's how!! Her 52 Super Heroes project was a labor of love and it absolutely shows. These illustrations are nothing but fun and are sure to make you smile.

The Martian Hunter Is Not The Only DC Hero Who Needs His Own Show (Top 5 Who Do) by Reece Jones

DC now has an impressive six TV shows on its roster- but there's still some iconic characters and fan favorites who have yet to appear on the small screen. Reece Jones gives us five of DC's mightiest heroes who deserve their own TV shows, including Blue Beetle, Human Target and- of course- Martian Man Hunter.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron Review By 6 Year Old Miss Observation

Fans come in all shapes and sizes and apparently the same also goes for movie reviewers as well. Phoenix is 6 years old and she wants to share her prowess and love for films with all of us. As you'll find out she's incredibly observant! Recently she created a view for our beloved Avengers: Age of Ultron. Check it out, and be sure to follow her from more great movie reviews!

Art of a Film Fan I Napolean Dynamite By Holly Khraibani-Cousins

This week we were lucky enough to come across the beautiful artwork of Holly Khraibani-Cousins. Her eye-catching style, along with her cult movie fandoms, makes her Moviepilot profile a must-see! Not only does she display her beautiful artwork, but she also paints the picture (with words) exactly why she chose certain cult entertainment figures as her subjects.

Marvel's Spider Characters Try To Get Their Acts Together In Hilarious New Video by Diana McCallum

Have you ever noticed how, considering Marvel has so many superheroes named after spiders, very few of them have superpowers that have anything at all to do with spiders? The Texts from Superheroes team have, and they're calling out Black Widow, Spider-Woman and Venom out on their nonsense.

Why Black Widow & Hulk's Age of Ultron Relationship Will be TORN APART in Captain America: Civil War! by Peter Murphy

Age of Ultron has been in theaters for a while now but that doesn't mean the hype surrounding this powerhouse of a movie has died down, especially not when it comes to predictions of what is to come. Take Black Widow and Hulk for instance. What can we expect from these two heroes and their relationship in upcoming movies? New MP Creator Peter Murphy is here to fill the blanks for us with his Civil War theory. Do you agree with him? Check out his post and share your own thoughts with him in the comments below.

When Super Heroes Don't Look Good On Camera by João Felipe

Ever thought Batman was less of a badass and just a more of a downright creep? Well you might be right! Artist João Filipe has created a hilarious Dark Knight comic strip that spoofs the caped crusaders famous mysterious and often creepy mid-talk disappearances.

What Happened to kid Game Shows on Nickelodeon? by Paul Charles

Green gunge, human sandwiches, mazes…when was the last time you saw all of these glorious novelties on a kids TV show? Unless you are in your twenties, the chances are probably not for a very long time! Paul Charles brings the nostalgia with a rundown of some great Nickelodeon memories!

That's it for this weeks top 10. Thank you everyone for making this week amazing!

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