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Welcome to Battle Arena, where I pit 2 fictional warriors and pit them in a battle to the death so we can find out as fans who is superior to the other, and who would get smashed to the ground.

Our first fighter today is


Link is one of the most memorable and awesome video game protagonists out there. Fighting against unstoppable foes, including the infamous Ganondorf, Link has done it all. Using his master swordsmanship and triforce of courage to do the unthinkable and impossible. Lets see what he's capable of.


  • Master Swordsman. Link is a Master when it comes to sword play. Having defeated many foes 10 times his size using his famous sword, Link is one swordsman you do not want to go fencing up against.
  • Unstoppable Will. Link possesses the Triforce of courage, which gives him the courage and determination to complete any task, showing no fear to any challenge that approaches him.
  • Possesses a vast amount of weapons and tools, which include

Master Sword- An indestructible blade that Link uses to its fullest extent. Having the ability to call upon energy from the sky (Skyward Strike) and blast it at an opponent, along with utilizing 3 medallions that grant him different abilities (Quake medallion to create earthquakes, Bombos medallion to manipulate fire, Ether medallion to freeze opponents), the Master Sword is one hell of a blade.

Hylian Shield- An indestructible shield that gives Link the perfect defense for any attack. Utilized in unison with the Master Sword allow Link to be on the offensive and defensive perfectly.

Bow and Arrow- Link has access to a Bow that has a variety of different arrows. From regular arrows, to fire explosive arrows, to ice arrows that freeze opponents, the Bow is perfect for Link if he wants to fight at a distance.

Boomerang- A deadly boomerang which does what boomerangs do, throw it at an opponent, deal some damage, and the weapon returns to him. Pretty decent mid range weapon.

Bombs- Link utilizes bombs in his arsenal. Dropping multiple explosives to engulf the enemy in a large explosion. Perfect for dealing lots of damage.

Hover Boots- Mystical boots that grant Link the ability to hover in the air. Great for evading attacks and retaliation from above.

Pegasus Boots + Roc's Feather- These items combined grants Link super speed and reflexes, allowing him to evade and deliver attacks with much greater speed than before.

Alright, now we know what Link brings to the fight, lets see who he is up against.

Luke Skywalker

Born on the planet Tatooine with foster parents. Luke Skywalker lived his life helping with chores, only for one day to come that changes his life forever. Learning of his Jedi heritage and being trained by Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda, Luke forms a rebellion with some friends to fight against the tyranny of Darth Vader. Luke is a force to be reckoned with, and has one badass lightsaber.


  • Lightsaber master. Luke has trained in multiple fighting styles utilizing his signature green lightsaber. Mastering the weapon, Luke can deflect lasers and projectiles with no effort and deliver fatal blows perfectly. He also keeps a second, smaller, red shoto lightsaber with him as a contingency plan just in case he ever loses his green one, or he needs to up his game by wielding 2 lightsabers simultaneously.
  • Master of the force. Luke has mastered the force, granting him a multitude of abilities.
  • Telekinesis. One of the major gifts granted to him by the force, Luke can move objects with his mind with no hindrance. Using the force push can moves objects or people away, and force pull well does the opposite.
  • Enhanced strength and speed. Luke can use the force within himself to slightly boost his physical prowess, enhancing his strength to super human levels, and enhancing his speed to super human levels.
  • Mind persuasion. Luke can manipulate the minds of weak men and persuade them to do his bidding. Now Link isn't weak minded so that won't come into play as much in this fight.

Alright, now we know what the fighters bring to the table, now lets watch them kick eachother's ass.


Fighting Simulation:

(Luke Skywalker is seen inside his X Wing ship landing in the land of Hyrule. He exits the X Wing and presses his hand against his headset.)

Luke: Does anybody copy? I am out of fuel.

(Luke gets no response.)

Luke: Dammit.

(Luke hears a noise and quickly pulls out his lightsaber, deflecting an arrow. He continues to deflect multiple arrows that fly at him. One of the arrows burst into the flames, and as the flames clear, Link descends from the sky, sending his Master sword down onto Luke, who deflects it with his lightsaber. The 2 swing their swords at each other with perfect proficiency. Luke ends their constant clashing by force pushing Link into a tree. Link holds his ground and quickly fires multiple fire arrows at Luke, who blocks them all with his lightsaber.)

Luke: Who are you!?

(Link doesn’t respond, then runs at Luke, slashing his blade at Luke. The 2 continue to clash Master Sword and lightsaber. Link manages to get a clear shot on Luke, only for Luke to hold Link’s hand in place with the force. Luke force pushes Link away, then force pulls him and thrusts his lightsaber into his chest. Link quickly pulls out his Hylian Shield, protecting himself from Luke’s lightsaber. Luke looks at the shield in awe and fear due to it being able to block his lightsaber. Luke quickly slashes at Link multiple times, only for Link to block and deflect all of his attacks with his sword and shield in unison. Link then drops down and attempts to slash Luke’s feet. Luke force jumps in the air and lands behind Link, slashing his lightsaber and Link. Link quickly turns around, blocking the lightsaber with his shield. Link goes on the offensive and slashes his sword at Luke, who deflects the sword with his lightsaber and attempt to deliver his own attacks, only for Link to block his strikes with his shield. The 2 then spin and slam their blades against each other.)

Luke: You’d make a good jedi.

(Link tilts his head, then drags his sword against Luke’s lightsaber. Link jumps and kicks Luke onto the ground, then spins around and thrusts his sword into Luke, only for Luke to hold Link in place using the force. Luke force pushes Link away, then runs at Link and slashes at him with his lightsaber. Link blocks his strikes with his sword and shield. Luke, realizing he needs to weaken Link’s defense, force pushes Link’s shield and sword away from him. Link looks around in fear, then leaps away, attempting to avoid Luke’s lightsaber slashes. Link pulls out a boomerang and throws it at Luke, who front flips over it and runs at Link. The boomerang flies around and heads towards Luke from behind. Luke senses the boomerang by using the force, and quickly turns around, slicing through the boomerang with his lightsaber. Link uses this to his advantage and quickly fires an Ice arrow, freezing Luke entirely. Link then runs and retrieves his sword and shield, but Luke breaks free from the ice due to the heat from his lightsaber, shattering the ice around him. Luke turns around, only to get hit by another ice arrow, freezing him once again. Link runs, leaps in the air, and sends his sword crashing down onto Luke, who emits a large telekinetic force blast, shattering the ice around him and blowing Link away. Link lands on his feet and runs towards Luke. The 2 clash blades once more, swinging their lightsaber and master sword respectively at blinding speed. Luke then attempts to strike Link’s legs, only for Link to jump up and kick Luke in the face. Luke rolls away, but gets up and deflects all of Link’s arrows as he continues to try and shoot Luke. Luke then force pulls Link in an attempt to pierce him in the chest, only for Link to block his strike with his shield. Link then slashes Luke’s face with his sword, allowing them both to separate from each other. they glare at one another, with Luke wiping blood from his wound. Link then runs at Luke, who force pushes Link away, then force pulls Link’s sword and shield away from him. Unarmed, Link stands his ground while Luke enhances his speed using the force, allowing him to apprehend Link. Link uses his hover boots to fly in the air, only for Luke to force jump after him. Luke attempts to slash Link with his lightsaber, only for Link to quickly use his hookshot to retrieve his sword and counter Luke’s attack. The 2 then quickly clash sword and saber once again, with Link slashing Luke’s lightsaber out of the way and kicking Luke to the ground. Luke grabs his lightsaber and quickly deflects Link’s sword thrust. The 2 continue to deflect their swords once again, with Luke gaining an advantage over Link. Luke force pushes Link’s sword into the sky, then thrusts his lightsaber into Link. Link rolls out of the way and drops a bomb near Luke, then quickly runs away using his Pegasus boots combined with his Roc’s feather, enhancing his speed. The bomb explodes, blowing Luke away with immense force. He drops his lightsaber and slowly gets up. He looks forward, only to see Link charging at him with his Hylian Shield and Master Sword armed. Luke quickly force pulls his lightsaber, but isn’t fast enough due to Link’s enhanced speed. Link jumps up and slashes his sword at Luke, who blows Link away using the force. Luke takes out his second red Lightsaber and lunges at Link. Luke attempts to be on the offensive, but fails as Link’s manage to block everything he throws at him. Link then attempts to slash Luke multiple times, but Luke blocks his strikes with his lightsaber. Link almost manages to land a hit, but Luke quickly force pushes him back, then force pulls his green lightsaber.)

Luke: (Spins his 2 lightsabers around.) I can do this all day.

(Luke slightly laughs, while Link remains there emotionless. The 2 run at each other, with Luke swinging his 2 lightsabers around with great efficiency. Luke manages to slash Link’s leg, causing him to fall on the ground. Luke sashes downwards onto Link, who blocks with his shield. Luke then thrusts that lightsaber into Link’s gut, only for Link to swing his sword, slashing Luke’s arm. Luke grits his teeth in pain while Link struggles to stand. Luke spins around, swinging both of his lightsabers at Link. Link struggles to block both lightsabers, so instead he sends his shield upward, hitting Luke in the face, knocking him back. Link then sheaths his sword and quickly tosses 3 bombs at Luke. Luke is engulfed in a huge explosion, but manages to force jump away. Luke is still blown away by the explosion and falls on the ground, injuring his leg. Link grabs his sword and raises it into the sky. Link uses his skyward strike and fires an energy beam at Luke, who quickly deflects it with his lightsaber. Link continuously blasts energy beams from his sword at Luke, who blocks them all perfectly. Link then utilizes the 3 medallions he possesses. He creates an Earthquake using the Quake medallion. Luke struggles to stand as the ground shakes and slowly rips apart. Link uses the Bombos medallion and launches fire at Luke. Luke force jumps out of the way, avoiding the flames. Link then uses the Ether medallion in an attempt to freeze Luke, only for Luke to force push Link away.)

Luke: Enough!

(Link rolls against the ground, but is charged at by Luke. The 2 clash weapons away. Link manages to spin kick Luke’s second lightsaber out of his hand, and then thrust his sword at Luke. Luke holds Link in place with the force, then severs the arm that is wielding his master sword. Link quickly catches it with his other hand and deflects Luke’s lightsaber before Luke succeeds in killing him. Link kicks Luke in the gut, then severs his Artificial hand. Luke and Link clash their lightsaber and master sword against the other respectively, with Luke quickly force pushing Link back. Link stumbles around, and looks forward where he is pierced in the chest by Luke’s lightsaber. Link coughs up blood, only for Luke to remove his lightsaber, then slash Link’s chest open and decapitate him in a quick fashion. Luke breathes heavily, exhausted, while Link’s body falls over.)

Luke: (Breathes heavily.) May the force be with you.

Winner = Luke Skywalker

Reason: May the force be with Link indeed. These 2 master swordsman who like the color green are quite the matchup. They are both highly skilled in their respective universes, and are known for dealing with unstoppable odds. Link has an enormous arsenal of tools and items at his disposal that will allow him to hold his own against Luke, especially his indestructible Master Sword and indestructible Hylian Shield. Those weapons combined with his numerous other tools and weapons will allow him to be quite the threat to the son of Darth Vader, but every weapon Link possesses, Luke can counter with the force and his Lightsabers. Luke’s mastery over the force just provides him enough power to puts the odds in his favor against Link’s immense number of weapons and tools. Winner is Luke Skywalker.


The Deadly Hellspawn
The Deadly Hellspawn


The daredevil from Hell
The daredevil from Hell

I hope you guys enjoyed this installment to Battle Arena. Tune in on Tuesday, next week, to see which of these chain wielding badasses from hell will smash who to the ground. Thank you all :)


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