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Just as the stars on Hollywood's Walk of Fame may last forever, certain celebrities also have the capacity to remain timeless.

The following A-list men and women have seemed to defy natural aging and don't seem a day older than their younger selves. And how do they do it? Admittedly, it is no secret that Hollywood's finest are no strangers to a sprinkling of plastic surgery here and there to keep them looking fresh faced. However, for many, it seems that the universe has simply granted them a wondrous gift of fantastic genes.

For these beautiful faces, age is clearly nothing but a number and don't we wish we could say the same for ourselves...

1. Alicia Silverstone

Age: 38

2. Elijah Wood

Age: 34

3. Halle Berry

Age: 48

4. Jamie Foxx

Age: 47

5. Jared Leto

Age: 43

6. Jennifer Aniston

Age: 46

7. Kate Hudson

Age: 36

8. Kate Winslet

Age: 39

9. Keanu Reeves

Age: 50

10. Liv Tyler

Age: 37

11. Lucy Liu

Age: 46

12. Owen Wilson

Age: 46

12. Patrick Stewart

Age: 74

13. Paul Rudd

Age: 46

14. Reese Witherspoon

Age: 39

15. Sandra Bullock

Age: 50

16. Sean Connery

Age: 84

17. Steve Martin

Age: 69

18. Tom Cruise

Age: 52

19. Will Smith

Age: 46



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