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Madame Bovary, you sneaky devil!

When I'm home, I usually open Netflix or dig through my movie collections - always choosing a horror/thriller genre, superhero flick or a comedy. My favorite category is horror, however, when given the chance to explore other genres, I never pass it by!

So when I was handed the opportunity to see Madame Bovary, a dramatic love story based from a novel by French author Gustave Flaubert ... I wasn't too thrilled, but I wanted to see it. I watched the trailer and found it quite interesting. There was something about it that drew me in. I mean it had to of been something, the movie is about 2 hours long and I needed to make sure those 2 hours would be me sitting in my seat without drifting off to sleep, or pinching myself to stay awake as a drama film is not something I usually watch, but if I get in one of those moods or have nothing else to watch, I'll turn it on.

Check out the trailer:

The beginning:

The first 5 minutes drew me in quick! A lady running through an Autumn forest trail, grabbing at her stomach as if she were in agony ... what horror fan wouldn't be curious over that?

Once that scene passed, it began to die down. The music became quieter and words were barely spoken. I felt like I was watching a black and white movie, where we had to tell what was going on by the actions of the actors. I wasn't "bored," if that's the proper word ... I was interested and wanted to see what the trailer had shown me. What was it that made Emma so upset? Why did she marry this guy if she loved this one? I was filled with questions.

What it all boiled down to:

Emma Bovary - played by Mia Wasikowska, marries a doctor named Charles due to an arranged marriage set up by their parents. Emma is hoping Charles will be "the one." Trying her best to fit into the society, but she finds herself in sadness. She has little love for Charles and spends her time in the beginning ordering and designing dresses which are all recorded in credit. She digs a deep hole with this one. Whilst in her depressed state, she is lead into having adulterous affairs with some of the doctor's friends in attempt to advance her social status!

Yes, she sneaks around and runs to one gentleman's home in a big gown, corset and a bonnet!

I would have to want "it" pretty bad, to run across a field dressed like that!

deep in sexy thoughts?!
deep in sexy thoughts?!

Being a lover of adventure, nature, art and design makes her shine above other women. Emma doesn't see the same things she likes in Charles, and grows angrier with him. She wants to flee the emptiness of the provincial life so that she can be her own person.

With heartache and a mixture of emotions, I found the overall setting, characters, casting and costume choices magnificent for the film. Although the movie is quiet and not filled with new music, iPhones and crop tops; overall, the fashion for the late 1800s was met!

There is something about how the cast portrayed each character that really made the movie as good as it was. I loved how it slowly moved into the conflict and how well it was shown. I loved the costumes and hairstyles. The men were handsome and charming to a tee. After watching the movie you can really see how everything starts to unravel.

Final thoughts:

When it comes to a rating out of 10 stars, I would rate this as a 7, for the simple fact that you could tell what decade the movie was portraying, the acting, music and costume design. On a personal level, for a dramatic film on love and heartache - something as I mentioned that I try to avoid - this movie was excellent! I just wish a few things were different and explained a little better. For those who do watch it, you'll know what I'm talking about...

If dramatic movies were something that I really loved, I'm sure my rating may have been different. I really think it is a great feat of a film, and anyone who loves a story of a girl sneaking around to find herself all while showing her boobs, having sex with her husband's friends just to find real love and happiness, will like it.

Wait until the end, a few sips of the ol' bottle really adds to the whole emotional roller coaster ride!

one of my favorite outfits!
one of my favorite outfits!

Questions or thoughts? Feel free to comment below!

Check out Madame Bovary in theaters today!


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