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The strangest thing about Fargo is that, despite there only being one movie and ten episodes of a TV show to define it, I still feel like I have a complete idea of what it is, so much that I worry that it may become something I'm not into. Now the "it's not what it was before" complaint is of course a regressive way to approach any art you like, but when something solidifies itself as well as Fargo does, you just can't help it. Fargo is about the ease with which the mundane can slip into vice, and the true line between good and evil that is drawn when some embrace greed and malice, while others stay true to themselves.

This guy screwed up!
This guy screwed up!

Such is the clarity of that premise, that when the plot of Fargo Season 2 is revealed to involve a mob turf war, I can only have the guttural reaction that says "but that's not what Fargo's about!" Elevating Fargo to fixate specifically on the efforts of crime syndicates would detract from the inherent innocence of it's premise. Alas, perhaps that reaction simply comes form not knowing who's involved in this new story. All Fargo Season 2 needs is a human touch, so let's run down who's appearing in this retro return to North Dakota!

Patrick Wilson as Lou Solverson

Imagine this but sweeter
Imagine this but sweeter

So Patrick Wilson's character, Lou Solverson, is perhaps out safest bet for a straight-forward good guy, for we've seen his contemporary self in Season 1. Perhaps this will be a slightly different Lou; more naive prior to the events he will experience in this season, or more jaded from being only four years returned from fighting in Vietnam. As far as Fargo archetypes go, you can bet that Lou will be the unwavering pillar of goodness, incorruptible in the face of evil. If this is the case, it will be interesting to have a male figure adopt that role for the first time!

Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons as Peggy and Ed Blomquist

Breaking Bad Season 5 in one shot
Breaking Bad Season 5 in one shot

Now here's where we get into the realms of corruptible. The general rule for Fargo is; the more boring they appear, the more heinous their schemes will ultimately be. I'll peg Peggy and Ed as being the average couple that get way out of their league, for the casting works too perfectly! Kirsten Dunst has that bizarrely sinister edge to her performance and look, and Plemons... well did you see Breaking Bad? It's still very early to tell, but I could imagine Dunst adopting a kind of Lady Macbeth persona.

Jean Smart as Floyd Gerhardt

This is where the characters get interesting! Jean Smart playing a mob boss provides a kitschy 70s thriller vibe, along with the inherent coolness of having a crime matriarch. This casting choice is sure to provide flavor to a setting that, when combined with the story of a mob turf war, could risk it's imagery sinking into mundanity.

Nick Offerman as Karl Weathers with a "K"!

Don't get confused by the name! They spelt it "Karl"! Anyone who's seen enough Parks and Recreation will find it hard to imagine Nick Offerman as anyone other than stern boss, Ron Swanson. In Fargo, Offerman is bringing us a slick town lawyer who speaks with the elegance of a true con artist. Offerman's move into Fargo will likely be similar to Bob Odenkirk's turn as a an incompetent police chief in Season 1. Strangely enough, the description of Offerman's character bears a striking resemblance to Odenkirk's most famous character, Saul Goodman!

Despite Fargo Season 2 branching out into heavily trodden territory, it seems Noah Hawley is still doing his utmost to ensure the show is still imbued with that inherently human quality!


Who are you looking forward to seeing most in Fargo Season 2?


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