ByFrancisco Montoya, writer at

This documentary is made by Sriracha lovers, for Sriracha Lovers. If you don't like it, or care to know about it, then move along! This is not for you. The film is only 34 minutes long, but it does a wonderful job of telling the story of Sriracha. It talks about the owner, how he came to be, how he started his company and how he grew it. Shows you some of the factory and the creating and the bottling of this beautiful sauce. It's informative, it's interesting and fun to watch. If you love the sauce, or maybe you just love watching documentaries about how companies came to be, this is a great watch. Short & sweet.

There's something I have to say about this, to haters out there. This film is about Sriracha sauce. It does pay tribute to the original sauce, and to where it came from, BUT this is not about that. It's about the clear bottle, filled with red sauce, with a green top and a white rooster on it. I hear people complaining about how they should have shown more about the town, or the original sauce.... yada yada yada. Let them go and find fans that love them enough to make a documentary about it. This is about THIS particular sauce!


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