ByFiore Mastracci, writer at

In an earlier post, I reported how appearing on the Netflix series DAREDEVIL helped spice up the career of Vincent D'Onofrio. Now, the show is aiding its showrunner.

Marco J. Ramirez is showrunning the Netflix hit DAREDEVIL. The show’s success launched him into scripting duties for AKIRA, the long-awaited Warner Bros. release of the famous Manga series. Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company is producing the film.

WB gained the rights to the story in 2008. The project has been on and off again numerous times, attracting box office names such as Kristen Stewart, Ken Watanabe and Helena Bonham Carter.

The story tells of two brothers with superhuman powers, pitted against each other, in a post-nuclear Japan. This time, the project is running with speed and may finally make the Silver Screen.


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