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Baldwin Collins

This classic story had two remakes, the mini series made for television back in (1989) and a silver screen version in (2004). firstly i wont comment on the (2004) version, The original (1956) film captured as closely as possible the french author Jules verne's novel story, A fan of this novel and also the movie a film produced by michael todd who produced this one and only movie in his life time. I start with my idea who i would cast in my version of 'around the world in 80 days' pierce brosnan would be recasted back as phileas fogg. reasons being, he played the character wonderfully So pierce being older as fogg would be more Convincing on the silverscreen, the character passepartout originally played by mexican actor cantinflas i would cast robert downy jr, reason's being downy played the legendary film comedian charlie chaplin in a biopic. the actress i would cast as indian woman princess Aouda, is Hallie berry dress her in traditional indian dress hallie would be perfect, the original character in the movie was played by hollywood legend, shirley mclaine one person that i would never over look, is tommy lee jones, he's perfect in my eyes as detective mr. fix. he gave a wonderful performance in the film version of 'the fugitive' as u. s . marshall Gerard, However my director for the entire film project would obviously be james cameron his film credits over the years speaks for themselves, titanic (1997) would be the reason why he gets the job also production designer peter lamont who worked on titanic. his eye for reconstructing period pieces on set are brilliant. musical score for the film would be by the legendary film composer john williams.

So there you have it, my idea of recasting 'around the world in 80 days' if you agree or disagree let me hear you're feed back


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