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Justice League is a great team on paper sure, and probably should be a great movie, but will it be?

The Flash illustration By Charlie Ans
The Flash illustration By Charlie Ans

I wonder though if there are too many characters in it to give equal screen time to.

I just saw the Avengers Age of Ultron, and to be honest, I thought it was horrible.

The Justice League  is this the best line up?
The Justice League is this the best line up?

I liked the first one a lot, and I think that super hero movies, work better as individual films. That way you can get a feel for the character.

Some other team movies have worked, in the past, like Brian Singer’s X -men films, worked, and I thought, the first Avengers were also great. Some team movies have also been big turd burgers, see all the Fantastic Fours.

I just hope when they do a Justice League film they can avoid the mistakes that were done in these other movies. Dr. Doom, and Ulton both had no personality and just seemed like a bad joke.

My main issues with Avengers 2,is that it felt forced, and not at all believable.

The interactions between the characters felt totally fake, I know it’s a fuckin comic book movie, but they managed, to do it right in some films as I mentioned above.

Chemistry is important between the characters on film, the same way it is in the comics, in order for it to work right. So Justice League has a decent cast, and its going to have Aquaman , Superman, Wonder woman, flash, and Cyborg?

Not really sure why Cyborg is going to be in it. I don’t really think of Cyborg when Justice League comes to mind. I guess they just want to have a token black guy in, it, like many movies are doing these days. They are inserting black characters in place of already established white ones. The main villain is rumored to be Braniac, maybe he will be black also, why not, and it’s a machine anyways.

I think Marvel has a better grasp of their fans than DC, does, and the world in the Marvel movies just seem more believable to me even though they are comic books.

Some fans are okay with the changes some aren’t. In some instances, I don’t mind it, but I think they should stick to what was originally created IMO. I have the feeling that Justice League, will make money but not be up to snuff as some of the Marvel movies namely the X-Men. I’m hoping to be surprised, but the personalities alone of all these heroes in Justice League is a big task to take on.

What do you all think?

Are there any other characters that you hope to be in the team, or not on the team? Do you think Justice League will kick ass or disappoint in the end?


Will The Justice League movie deliver or disappoint?


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