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Batman, arguably one of the greatest comic book characters of all time, has one the most iconic pop culture vehicles of all time...

The Batmobile

Aside from, maybe cars like the General Lee or the Millennium Falcon, when someone says "movie car" you probably think of the Batmobile, right? For decades we've seen the Bat popping in and out of different TV shows and movies, and for the most part we've been amazed by them, but what is Batman without his car?

Pretty awesome still, but I think the Batmobile adds just those few extra badass points as a bonus.

Today I wanna take a look back on the cinematic and television Batmobiles throughout the years in honor of the 10th anniversary of Batman Begins which is this coming Monday, in case you need to mark your calendars.



The customized Lincoln Futura served as the first mainstream live-action Batmobile. This car was featured in the iconic Adam West and Burt Ward 1960's Batman television show. Although I like this one, I feel like it doesn't really fit Batman as a character, at least not now. Back then, I suppose, it was fitting given how campy the show was - nonetheless it was a good show.

Tim Burton-Michael Keaton Era

This one was featured in the 1989 Batman film starring Michael Keaton as the Bat himself, with Jack Nicholson as the Joker. I love this one because of it's sleek design, and the elongated hood. This one really feels like something custom built for Batman rather than a modified luxury car.

"Never rub another man's rhubarb."

Batman Forever

Now, I'll try to keep my opinions of this movie out of the article... I'm gonna play devil's advocate and say that even though it's very flashy and impractical, it's not necessarily bad looking. I think it's even more streamlined than the previous Batmobile (that may just be the extra fin talking). The lights both add and take away from the overall design for me.

Two words: Bat. Nipples.

Nuff said.

Batman and Robin

Much like the Batman Forever Batmobile, this is very flashy, maybe a bit too flashy. I feel like they kind of went overboard with this design, almost trying too hard to make it look cool - which they did succeed at, but again, it doesn't exactly scream Batman to me, but very much does fit the tone of the film it was featured in.

Dark Knight Trilogy - The Tumbler

From the fan favorite Dark Knight trilogy starring Christian Bale comes the Tumbler. I love this militarized take on the Batmobile. While very different from the previous iterations, it's a very, very cool vehicle and is suiting for Bruce Wayne with his high tech Batsuit. Packed to the brim with weaponry and surprises to take down whatever enemy is threatening the safety of Gotham, the Tumbler is one of the most dangerous and awesome Bat-vehicles we've seen over his nearly 50 year live-action run - not counting the serials from the '40s, which you can watch here:

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice/Suicide Squad

We haven't seen much of the newest interpretation of the Batmobile besides a few "leaked" set videos from Suicide Squad:

It appears that the Batmobile from the new DCCU is very militaristic, similar to the Tumbler, with more prominent guns and turrets fastened around the exterior. The overall look reminds me of the Batmobile from the upcoming Arkham Knight video game.

Honorable Mention...

Batman the Animated Series

Wow! I can't believe it's been almost a decade since the Dark Knight Trilogy began with Batman Begins, a suiting name.

Thanks for taking the time to go on a blast through the past with me (no TARDIS required).


What's your favorite Batmobile?

Still here? Then I guess I have something to tell you...



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