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My sister and I have worked for close to two months on the Marvel fan film The Hammer of Mara and I am pleased to finally release it online. I am very proud of how it turned out and I hope you enjoy it. Be sure to share it around, please. Mara put in a lot of effort on this, which is hard for a girl her age, and I want it to pay off for her. Thank you so much! And I hope you enjoy the film!


After discovering a mystical hammer that only she can lift, five year old Mara learns that by wielding the hammer she gains the abilities of the Norse god of thunder Thor. Mara soon finds the reason why the hammer was sent to her and must protect the Earth from an unknown being who has been sent to destroy the world.


Mara - a five year old girl who discovers a mystical hammer that takes her on an adventure beyond her wildest dreams. Played by Mara Stopyak.

Trevor - the brother of Mara who helps her along her journey. He is knowledgeable in science, mythology and Earth's geography. But there is something else that he already knows but is just not ready to tell... Played by Trevor Norkey.

Mephisto - a strange being from another realm who takes control of different items and people in our world to try to annihilate all the living beings on the planet so that Earth can start anew. Voiced by Trevor Norkey.

A Few Stills From The Film:

Mara testing out the hammer
Mara testing out the hammer
Mara vs. the Giant Dog
Mara vs. the Giant Dog
Mara fighting a stuffed animal
Mara fighting a stuffed animal

And Just For Fun, Let's Add The Trailers:

Announcement Trailer

Trailer #1

Trailer #2

Thanks for Watching!


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