ByJamie A. Duncan, writer at

No sooner have we learned that no studio will be picking up fan-favorite Constantine after NBC cancelled the second season than DC has relaunched the character in comics yet again, this time under the title Constantine: The Hellblazer.

The first issue is out this week and long-gone are the superheroics and saccharine wash of the globe-trotting New 52 Constantine. This John begins his adventures naked and covered in blood, after which he hits on a male bartender and gets solicited by a demon...all while being followed by the dear old ghosts of the dead friends he's betrayed. The series comes with a mature rating, edgy art and plenty of nods to both the character's Hellblazer past as well as hints of new biographical details.

For fans of the Matt Ryan TV show and the original Vertigo series, this is a welcome return to form!

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