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this year has seen a related number of movies whose stories are heavily told with espionage twist and turn's. i have some friends at some weblog's that have named this year, 'the year of the spy' due to the amount of films associated with spies, the year kicked off with liam neeson in 'taken 3' which according to media reports could be neeson's character brian mills last outing using his special skills. This film never did too bad at the global box office . the last time i checked. but when you think of it, what else is to be taken in anymore films ? not very much. stopping at a trilogy. is not bad.

the Kingsman ; secret service with colin firth as a secret service agent dressed in smartly looking suits, and samuel l.jackson as the master villain trying to rule the world, with loads of cool gadget's, what more did you want ? this movie wasn't for me, reason's being it's full of parody. surprisingly this movie did well at the box office.

the movie 'spy' also did well, on its opening. I am still yet, to see it

now we are coming up to the heavy hitters, beginning with tom cruise's mission impossible . rogue nation. IT probably will do very well seeing that everybody wants to see cruise hanging on for dear life on a side of a aeroplane. in my opinion mission impossible will rule this summers box office world wide.

Next this august, we will see a film version of the classic 60s era spy show 'the man from u.n.c.l.e' . a spy show that starred two veteran film/tv stars robert vaughn and david mccallum as two secret agents one american and the other russian working for a secret service organisation. however the film version directed by guy richie . is different the two agents played by henry cavill and armie hammer, their characters havent yet joined the uncle agency, meaning the movie is a origin story, what will make this movie work is the global fanbase of the original classic tv show. they've waited years for this movie.

the cream of the crop, yes. is bond, james bond. returns in 'spectre' a date release for november this year 2015. will this bond movie seeing daniel craig once more, win the titled of being the best spy movie of the year ? the pressure will be on for this movie.

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