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Fans get a little crazy sometimes about who gets casted for what role. Comic book fans are probably the craziest. I’m allowed to say that, I’m one of ‘em. When we find out who’s going to be playing the next big superhero or one the most beloved villains, the internet explodes. Half the fans will talk about how much they love that actor and what a great job he or she will do. The other half though, they go nuts and rip the decision apart.

Castings for Marvel and DC movies have been at the forefront of many a heated debate. I think in the long run, fans have been happy with the casting choices and how everyone has portrayed their respective characters. But what if we switched it up?

That's right Nick Fury
That's right Nick Fury

Ok, everyone. Can I have your attention please? If you acted or are slated to act in a Marvel movie, please raise your hand. Ok, great, thanks. Now all of you stand right over there. Yep, perfect. Now if you acted or are set to act in a DC movie raise you hand. Thank you. Now if you would please stand right here. Got it, great. Now you former Marvel actors, you’re going to be in DC movies. And you, former DC actors, you’re going to be in Marvel movies.

Am I crazy? Yes, that ship has sailed. But let’s just see how this works out, ok?

DC Universe with Marvel Actors:

Superman - Chris Evans

This is probably the obvious choice. Easy to take Captain America and make him Superman. Evans has done a great job of being the straight-laced, ever-righteous hero. Plus, he’s got the right build.

Lois Lane - Elizabeth Olsen

This one was a bit tougher. I considered Haley Atwell and Kat Dennings for this role as well. But in the end, Olsen seems like the right choice. She’s got a good look for the part and the right acting skills.

Batman - Josh Brolin

Clearly someone thought he was right for this part. He was being considered for the Dark Knight before the role was eventually given to Ben Affleck. I think he would make a great Batman. I also considered Lee Pace for this role.

Aquaman - Chris Hemsworth

This is another one of those obvious choices. Hemsworth has the hair, the body, and the history of speaking like... well... like aquaman.

The Flash - Ian De Caestecker

This one was really tough. I had a hard time finding someone around the right age for this role and had to go to the TV side of things to find him. I’m not sure I love this one, but I wouldn’t be against seeing him give it a shot. Fitz is one of the best characters on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I also considered Sebastian Stan for this one.

Wonder Woman - Jaimie Alexander

This was easy. A lot of people wanted to see her casted before the role was given to Gal Gadot. She’s been great as Sif, so Wonder Woman seems like a simple transition.

Green Lantern - Chadwick Boseman

I chose to go with John Stewart here. Boseman seems like a good fit for this one, though I did also consider Anthony Mackie.

Lex Luthor - Hugo Weaving

Ok, this one had so many actors to choose from. Ben Kingsley and James Spader both seemed like great choices for this role. I decided to go with Weaving because of his history of playing iconic bad guys. He’s one of my favorite actors.

Harley Quinn - Karen Gillan

I was very close to choosing Haley Atwell for this because she really impressed me with her acting in Agent Carter. But I decided to go with Gillan because she has the look for the part. Plus, I don’t think she would have a hard time playing this character.

The Joker - Tom Hiddleston

This is maybe the most controversial role to cast. But if you’re going to make the people happy, you’re going to do it by casting someone who has already very successfully played a beloved comic book villain. Transitioning from Loki to The Joker shouldn’t be too bad.

Marvel Universe with DC Actors:

Captain America - Jai Courtney

This guy has seen plenty of action on the big screen and has the look for sure. People may think simply swapping Cap and Superman would be the easiest move, but I honestly think Courtney has a better look for the part. Plus, I have other plans for Henry Cavill. I did also consider Scott Eastwood for this role.

Iron Man - Henry Cavill

Yeah I did it. I took Superman and made him Tony Stark. Go ahead and hate me for it. In my opinion, Cavill actually looks more like the comic book Tony than RDJ. And he wouldn’t have to be the super sarcastic character that RDJ plays. Comic Tony is clever and cracks jokes, but not to the extent that the MCU version does.

Thor - Jason Momoa

I really tried not to just swap roles between two actors. Out of the ten that I casted in each universe, I only did it twice. The connections were just too good to pass up. Momoa is the only one that could do Thor some justice. Just gotta bleach his hair first.

The Hulk - Jesse Eisenberg

Ok, I can’t imagine Eisenberg being The Hulk. But I can imagine him being Bruce Banner. He’s played the nerdy, scientist-y kind of part in almost every movie he’s in.

Black Widow - Amy Adams

I had a hard time with this one. I considered Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne also. But Adams is just one of the best actresses around right now and she does kind of have the look. I think she could make a great Black Widow, but maybe I’m ‘Russian’ into things.

Hawkeye - Scott Eastwood

Losing out on the Cap role isn’t all bad for Eastwood. He still gets a part. It’s just now instead of being the super-syrum-injected, Hitler-punching, super-powered, shield-throwing American symbol of justice... he gets a bow and arrow.

Nick Fury - Will Smith

Ok, so no one will ever look closer to the comic book Nick Fury than Samuel L. Jackson (depending on the comic you’re reading). But at least Smith will provide the same level of star power.

Maria Hill - Gal Gadot

Not exactly fair, going from Wonder Woman to Maria Hill. But Gadot has a look close enough to the character and she’s definitely ready for action.

Ultron - Jeremy Irons

This one might be my favorite. The voice of Ultron being played by Irons would bring joy to so many 90’s kids, like myself. Who wouldn’t recognize the voice of Scar attached to a psychopathic killer robot?

Loki - Jared Leto

Yep, this is the other actor-character swap. It just makes too much sense not to give him this role. There weren’t a whole lot of other names I could match to this one.

So there it is. That’s what these movies would look like if Marvel and DC traded actors. At least, that’s what they would look like if they put me in charge of casting. By the way, I would happily accept that job.


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