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Michael has extreme discipline. This man was able to stare at a wall for years. He did so every single hour of the day. Just waiting for the right moment to break out of a mental hospital. He was placed in the mental hospital as a small boy because he offed his sister. Granted he is not one for words, but he's definitely a great thinker. In my eyes, such patience and dedication is respected. If You take in consideration that most humans have no discipline or patience, you would be impressed as well. Michael wants noting more than to kill off certain members of his family. Unfortunately, you have all these others humans getting in his way and trying to stop him. There efforts are laughable at best. At worst, the end up seeing Jesus early for their stupidity. Honestly, i don't feel sorry for any of these humans in the Halloween universe. I want Michael Myers to accomplish his objectives. It really tickles my stomach knowing many humans will try and stop him and ultimately fail in doing so. His body count is always impressive in my eyes. I love the way he kills humans. 99% of the time I'm laughing my ass off and cheering when he does so. Now, some humans will disagree and get all butt hurt at the things I said in this article. Let me tell you something- I'M NOT HERE TO PLEASE HUMANS. I'M HERE TO SPEAK MY MIND. IN THE END IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT ANY HUMAN THINKS OF ME. AS LONG AS I SPEAK MY MIND, EVERYTHING IS COOK AND CURRY.

Written By: Terrance Harris

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