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I'll start off by saying Spider-Man is my all time favorite Marvel hero (besides Cap) so you can imagine my excitement a couple months ago when I heard that Marvel was finally bringing him into their Cinematic Universe. I mean, how couldn't they? It's Spider-Man!! Even though the news was given to us quite a bit ago, i'm just now deciding to write an article about the 7 Villains That Should Appear In The New Spideyverse. Let's get to it.

1. Shocker

I was first introduced to this guy when i saw him in Spider-Man: The Animated Series, and he's become one of my favorite Spider-Man villains. He's not just an empty headed criminal with air blasting gauntlets. Shocker was a brilliant inventor and engineer, despite dropping out of school, and into a life of crime. In his first encounter with Spider-Man, he ended up defeating him! (Spidey had a hurt ankle caused by a fight with the Lizard)

Not only is he one of the more rational Spidey villains, but Shocker is focused more on keeping his reputation as well as making a living. Buuutt Spider-Man doesn't agree with his methods; which results in Shocker becoming a punching bag for the wall crawler. This villain is known to be a constant presence in Spider-Man's life, and he's not always alone. Not only does he have ties to the Sinister Six (which I still hope to see) but in numerous encounters with our web head, Shocker has teamed up with rogues such as Rhino, Beetle, Hobgoblin, and more. I don't know about you guys, but I would love to see Shocker and a gang of misfits going up against our hero.

2. Hobgoblin

I've seen a lot of people asking for Green Goblin again. Ive also seen a lot of people begging for Marvel to not bring another one to the table right away. What better way to replace a goblin.. than with another goblin? In all honesty, Hobgoblin grew to be my favorite over Green Goblin. Todd Mcfarlane's Hobgoblin gave me the chills. He was so dark, so horrifying, so intense. The Hobgoblin that Mcfarlane brought to the pages, is the same Hobgoblin that i want to see brought to the screen.


I mean look at him.... it!! Remember that he's not just a creature on a glider. He has superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability, reflexes, and a genius level intellect. What a joy it would be to see him go toe-to-toe with the web head on the big screen. Oh man, oh man. Seeing him come to life in the new Spideyverse would be amazing. Other than the grittiness we've seen in Netflix's Daredevil, this would add to the darkness of the Marvel Universe.

3. Tombstone

As a lot of you Spidey fans out there may know, Lonnie Thompkins Lincoln (Tombstone) grew up with a certain reporter, Robbie Robertson. After High School, Lincoln and Robertson separated. While Robbie went on to become a reporter, Lincoln sharpened his teeth to further his already intimidating appearance. (Oh yeah, he was born an albino, hence the skin color) After strengthening his combat skills in many street fights, Lincoln eventually earned the moniker, Tombstone.

Lincoln originally had no superhuman abilities, until he was given them by artificial means. He ended up having a mutagenic reaction to an experimental preservative gas that was absorbed into his bloodstream. Now he has superhuman strength and durability, making his body nearly impervious to extreme temperatures, high impact forces, toxic gases, and even high caliber bullets.

Considering his past with Robbie, it would make for a great storyline for Spider-Man to get caught up in. I'd also love to see how Tombstone would be depicted in the Cinematic Universe. Broad shoulders, pale white skin, and sharp teeth. Not something you'd want to run into at night. Besides, it'd be sweet to see Spidey fight.. Uhm... whats his name..

Ah! Tombstone. That's right. It'd be sweet to see Spidey fight Tombstone! & kick his butt.

4. Chameleon

A master of disguise, Chameleon is a Soviet born citizen originally named Dimitri Smerdyakov. In his youth, he was a servant and half brother to the abusive, yet admirable Kraven the Hunter, Sergei Kravinoff. Dimitri made a talent for himself during his youth, by impersonating the people around him eventually adopting a new disguise; the Chameleon.

When he began in his criminal endeavors, the Chameleon originally used makeup and elaborate costuming to impersonate his targets. That's until he implemented a device into his belt buckle that emitted a gas, that helped him mold his features. The buckle also contains a video receiver, allowing Chameleon to duplicate the features of everyone he comes into contact with. His costume is made up of "memory material" that can be altered by electrical impulses from his belt, as to reassemble the clothing of the person he's intimidating. Seeing what Marvel has done with CGI lately, i'd say that'd look pretty sweet.

At one point, this creepy Chameleon consumed the same serum that made Kraven the animal that he is. Still weaker than his half brother, the Chameleon still gained enhanced strength and endurance. Cue the fight scene between him and Spidey where the Chameloen turns himself into Aunt May, and Spider-Man freezes up before getting punched in the face. He'll bounce back. The good guys always do.

Try to be Aunt May NOW ya jerk..
Try to be Aunt May NOW ya jerk..

Not only is the Chameleon Kraven's half brother, but he is also the Red Skulls step son! For those of you who remember Spiderman: TAS might remember the episode where long story short, Chameleon and the Red Skull's son bring him back from a vortex or the Negative Zone that he was residing in for all of those years (he wasn't actually dead, just how some believe that he isn't dead in the Cinematic Universe) to take over the world. Typical, right? But Spidey teams up with the Six American Warriors, including Captain America, to stop the bad guys. IMAGINE that on the big screen! My two favorite Marvel heroes saving the world from a villain that was thought to be dead. HA. LEGENDARY.

5. Vulture

Adrian toomes is a former electronics engineer who designed his own harness that allows him to fly, and gives him enhanced strength. Toomes is pretty dang old (obviously) but has a lot of pluck for an older fella. He's a bitter senior citizen, being a remorseless killer. At one point, he had used a device to steal Spider-Man's youth, leaving Spider-Man elderly while Vulture basked in his newly found youth. Too bad it wore off within few hours. I'd like to see an elderly Spider-Man on screen lol. Knowing Marvel, he'd try and spin a web when *pfftt* it's only dust that comes from his web shooters.

As a lot of you may know, he is apart of The Sinister Six, which I still hope to see sometime in the future. & you can't have The Sinister Six without the Vulture. I mean you could, but.. I mean.. you shouldn't. Vulture is too infamous a Spidey villain to not make an appearance in the upcoming Spideyverse.

6. Carnage

Since Venom made his big screen debut, we've all been waiting for Carngae to follow suit. Carnage was once a serial killer named Cletus Kasady, and became one of Spider-Man's most formidable opponents after merging with the symbiote during a prison breakout. The symbiotic heightened Kasady's insanity, and the two became a singular entity. While Venom refers to itself as "We" Carnage refers to itself as "I"

Since the symbiote adapts to the personality of the host, the Carnage symbiotie is affected by Kasady's insane nature and lust for destruction. It is said that at a young age, he killed his grandmother by pushing her down a flight of stairs.. Considering the symbiote was living in Kasady's bloodstream, it wasn't able to be removed from him. At on point, the wall crawler had to team up with Venom to defeat Carnage. A Venom and Spidey team up to fight CARNAGE?! Yes please! Awh man, there is so much potential here guys. That would make for one heck of a movie, now wouldn't it?! Two and a half hours of awesomeneeeeeeesssssss. Am I right?

7. Scorpion

Last, but not least is MacDonald Gargan; Scorpion. Before he became a vindictive villain, Gargan was a private investigator who was hired by J. Jonah Jameson to find out how Peter Parker was able to get amazing photos of Spider-Man. Thanks to his spider sense that went off every time Gargan was close by, Parker was able to avoid the private investigator. Frustrated, Jameson offered 10K to Gargan to take part in an experiment which involved endowing the subject with the characteristic of another animal. The experiment resulted in the loss of Gargan's sanity, and the creation of the villain Scorpion. What a heck of a story to be brought to life on the big scree, eh?

Through his years of engaging in criminal activity, he had been bested many times by the web head. Despite being Spidey's door mat, Scorpion hates Jameson more, because he's to blame for the Scorpions misfortunes; he's the one who created the monster. I'd like to see J. Jonah get thrown across the room by Scorpion on screen, wouldn't you guys? Then Spidey kicks in through the window to save his life, while Jameson is yelling something crazy like "I knew you two were in on this together!" Then Spidey webs his trap shut, while he kicks Scorpions butt before Aunt May even sets the table for supper.

Even though it's past supper, I was able to finish this article before bed time! Haha, thanks for reading guys. Any other villains you'd like to see make their first appearance? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and stay tuned for 7 MORE Villains That Should Appear In The New Spideyverse!


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