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Jurassic World has been met with a lot of anticipation and quite a lot of trepidation. Anticipation for a brand new film 22 years after the first but also doubt on how it could turn out. Well let me tell you this; Jurassic World not only lived up to the hype it received but completely destroyed all possible doubt of it being anything but a huge success within the first five minutes of the film.

This movie is worthy of its title as a Jurassic Park movie and all the disappointment from the third film is replaced with sheer awe in this one. Whether it be the CGI, direction, shots or the actors themselves - this film blew me away.

One thing I soon noticed whilst watching Jurassic World was that despite the original cast not being in it, in some respects they still were thanks to the amazing casting choices and actor performances.

Without giving too much away, two prime examples of this would be Jake M. Johnson and Chris Pratt. Johnson plays Lowery, a dinosaur fanatic and lover of all thing technological, and he runs the park system. This was a modernisation of Wayne Knight's character from the original which was such a refreshing piece of nostalgia to experience.

Owen, played by Pratt, was definitely a mix of Goldblum and Neill as he was the expert of all things dinosaur whilst also maintaining a rather sarcastic and humourous quality most famously seen in Ian Malcolm. In all honesty, Pratt was my favourite actor in this whole film and his performance definitely bumped up my rating to a ten.

But let's get on to the main event, the reason why anyone loves Jurassic Park. The dinosaurs.

You just went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea.

Definitely not.

Indominus rex is the new dino in this feature and it truly is a sight to behold. The film does delve deeper into its genetic splicing, which has definitely improved since the originals, and the revealing of the dinosaur itself is something straight out of a Godzilla movie.

Something I truly admired about the Indominus rex was that the viewer learns of what it's capable of and how intelligent it is along with the cast on screen. It's amazing actually because at so many points you're rooting for the guys trying to keep everyone safe and suddenly the Indominus does something so unexpected, you start rooting for her.

That's another thing I loved about the film, strong female characters. There just aren't enough in modern movies today but this film has plenty. Beth, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, does the whole film in a pair of white heels which is inspiring to say the least and most if not of the dinos featured are female. Granted, this is because of the need to prevent unauthorised breeding but if that isn't female power then I don't know what is.

Although this may seem rather odd, it integrates beautifully with the film.
Although this may seem rather odd, it integrates beautifully with the film.

My personal favourite of any Jurassic movie is the velociraptors and this film certainly didn't let me down when it came to them. Despite Indominus taking centre stage, raptors weren't far behind. If you're not ready to become emotionally invested in a raptors well being then this film may not be for you. The raptors themselves have a personality in this film which in no way takes away from their fear factor, if anything it only strengthens it.

So many dinosaurs made an appearance in Jurassic World. Pterodactyls, Diplodocus, Mosasaurus and of course the T-Rex are just among the few who made their debut within this feature. I'm not ashamed to say that at many points, there were tears in my eyes as each were revealed and interacted within their own environments as it took me back to the first film so effectively - especially with that memorable tune as the park revealed itself for the first time.

The CGI in this film is absolutely phenomenal. At some points, it felt as though I could have been witnessing a documentary it was that realistic. The dinosaurs looked just as alive as the park visitors and the wide panoramic shots of the island itself were breathtaking. There's something beautiful about this kind of special effects which I can't even try to explain.

The final 'big' scene in Jurassic World made me feel so exhilarated that I never wanted it to end and left me in shock as the credits rolled. I remember sitting in my seat thinking, 'did that ACTUALLY just happen?' Jurassic World ended on a such a high note that not even Whitney Houston could reach it.

Very rarely do I watch films that need to be seen in a cinema but Jurassic World just has to be. Immersion is a key element within this movie and that's just something that can't be achieved on a DVD. So if you're planning to watch this incredible film, I invoke you to watch it on the big screen as this cinematic masterpiece deserves nothing less than a standing ovation.

Jurassic World premiered on the 12th of June 2015 and is available on screens across the globe.


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