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A Fistfull of of Dollars, is a classic Hollywood film and one of the films that made Clint Eastwood portray his lone-riding, quiet cowboy in his plethora of Western Films. But, the movie was very familiar to the movie buffs of the world as it takes on an almost identical story line of the Japanese film, Yojimbo. A film about a Samurai who takes two gangs midst of war at one another. A fistfull Of Dollars followed a similar route with it's mid-west setting, where Eastwood befriends both the sheriff and the gang for money, and this remake takes the next step and brings they chaos two the streets of Los Angeles involving a large drug gang and the LAPD.

Jason Statham as Joe the Stranger (Man with no Name)

Clint Eastwood was known for his "I ride alone" kind of lifestyle and the attitude Statham can bring to the scene can bring this character back to life, not to mention a man who is not afraid of a fight. In the end Joe is all doing this for money but ends up helping a beautiful women and her family stuck in the middle while he is at it.

Eva Longoria as Marisol

Marisol is a beautiful women who is stuck in the middle of the war that is going on and is just trying to escape to see her family, her time in the film is not huge but her impact is just so significant. The talented ad just as stunning Eva Longoria gives Joe a reason other than money two end the war once and for all.

Other characters include...

Kyle Chandler as John Baxter

Willem Defoe, Kevin Spacey, and Eric Roberts as the Rojo Brothers (leaders of the gang)


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