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This TV movie was split into two parts in the early 90s. Even twenty years later I think "IT" can hold its own. The first half is so much better than the second half and I think with better casting that this could change with a new version. With talks that this movie might happen, I have been pretty excited. I'm not sure where this movie stands now, but this would be the ideal casting choices in my opinion.

Pennywise - Hugh Jackman

This man can do anything. He's funny, charming, and a total B.A. when he needs to be. Hugh Jackman could be a whole new level of scary dressed in a clown outfit. Let's just hope this dancing clown doesn't have claws.

#1 Bill Denbrough (Adult) - Christian Bale

We need a leader of this pack. We need someone who can write horror books and live it. What better person to fill those shoes than the Batman himself.

#2 Beverly Marsh (Adult) - Jennifer Connelly

I said her name so it's excuse enough to post a pic
I said her name so it's excuse enough to post a pic

Beverly wields a lethal sling shot like it was meant to be her. Now at first I wanted to put Kate Beckinsale (because well, every movie should have her in it), but Jennifer Connelly can be a fashion designer during the day and a clown killer at night.

#3 Ben Hanscom (Adult) - Aaron Eckhart

Once a fatty to a in shape architect. If anyone saw I, Frankenstein then you know Aaron can pull off the post jock look. Then all his other roles that he plays is some kind of smooth talker or business man so this role would be easy for him.

#4 Mike Hanlon (Adult) - Idris Elba

Mike is the guy that stays behind as everyone else moves on with their lives. He's the one with knowledge and the watcher of the town. Sound familiar? Hello Heimdall...

#5 Richie Tozier (Adult) - Paul Rudd

Beep Beep Richie. Paul Rudd is a king at one liners. He would make a good comic relief in this horror movie.

#6 Eddie Kaspbrak (Adult) - Josh Duhamel

"Eddie Spaghetti" the momma's boy with asthma. Josh isn't just a chick magnet. He can play the post sickling to the adulthood life of taking care of his mom and running a successful business.

#7 Stanley Uris (Adult) - David Arquette

Stanley is a man who struggles with fear. David can play the man who has it all but is willing to trade it for the fear is too much. Even though this is a small role I think it's an important one and shouldn't be overlooked with a no name actor.

#8 Henry Bowers (Adult) - Russell Crowe

Henry Bowers is the kid that has failed and been expelled so many times he becomes the old bully to everyone. Someone like Russell Crowe could easily have a hatred for these guys for ruining his life. He almost has the same hair style, all it needs is to all be white.

#1 Bill Denbrough (Kid) - Chandler Riggs

Leader of the pack in kid form. Chandler can kill zombies. What's a clown got on him. "Hi Ho Silver Away"

#2 Beverly Marsh (Kid) - Maisie Williams / Sterling Jerins

This is a hard decision. Do you want the more innocent Beverly or the one that looks like she's been abused by everyone that's ever loved her. Maisie is a strong actress and can hold her own with the boys. Sterling is the quiet shy innocent girl. Overall I would give this to Maisie, but Sterling is a safety choice just in case GOT is too demanding.

#3 Ben Hanscom (Kid) - Zachary Alexander Rice

Ben is the fat kid that gets picked on. Father is gone and has abandonment issues. Zachary can easily play the scared fat kid. I just hope he fits in the culvert when it's time to hide.

#4 Mike Hanlon (Kid) - Kwesi Boakye

Mike is the new kid and only black student in the school. This opens the door for him to get picked on. He already knows the history of the town and we find out how fast he can run. Luckily Kwesi owns a pair of running shoes.

#5 Richie Tozier (Kid) - Nolan Gould

This role was played by Seth Green. Nolan at his age has shown that he's surpassed most people his age in comedy. I believe he would be one of many people's favorite characters.

#6 Eddie Kaspbrak (Kid) - Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick

"It's only water, it's all in your head..." Seamus is already the little guy so all we have to do now is hand him an inhaler and learn to shower without a clown.

#7 Stanley Uris (Kid) - Trenton Rogers

Stanley is big into boy scouts. Bird watching is a huge thing for him in this movie. Trenton could dawn the scouts uniform, put his three fingers in the air, and convince people he knows some things about nature. At the same time he doesn't believe what is empirically possible.

#8 Henry Bowers (Kid) - Asa Butterfield

Asa, like Russell Crowe, already has the look of Henry Bowers. Put on a leather jacket and a switchblade and we have our bully. He hates his life so much that he has to make others a nightmare. That is until he sees the lighting of his own nightmare.

Thank you guys for giving me the time and actually going through my opinions...


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