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During the course of the last 75 years of DC, there has always been one staple. That was Superman and Batman, and their relationship. They have always shown great respect for one another, even though they have differences in opinions on almost everything. But, their respect has gotten them through so many hard times, that it's almost impossible to state that they are not the 2 most defining characters in all of the DC universe. But now, times have changed in the universe. Batman is dead, and has been replaced by a mech suit wearing James Gordon who is patrolling Gotham City. Superman has lost his identity and more then half of his powers and now patrols Metropolis is a pair of blue jeans and a Superman t-shirt. But, even with these changes, one thing is for sure. They are still heroes.

But, that is where some of the problems with this comic comes from. Greg Pak has been given an impossible task. The new Batman was just created this same week by Snyder, and his story has only just begun. Superman was thrust into the middle of his story last week, and we are only now learning what is going on there. So, what can Pak do where he can write a storyline but not take away from the main books which are just now beginning their stories? Well, not much as this issue shows.But, he still finds a way to craft a beginning which does show justice to Superman, and still finds a way to add more mystery into the "truth" storyline, mostly focusing on his relationship with Lois Lane, after she revealed her identity to the world. Batman takes a sidestep in this issue, as Clark learns that something has happened to Bruce, and instead of listening to Alfred, takes it upon himself to learn the truth. One of the most interesting things taken from this issue was the humanity and relatable factor of Superman in his current state. The drama should kick up a notch as he and Batman figure out if they can trust each other and work together as the new World's Finest. As a comic,it is a good read and is a good set-up to a storyline. It also includes a good ending that will make anyone want to come back for more. The drawback, like I said is that Pak can't do much character development in this issue, which is not his fault at all. But, as issues continue, that shouldn't be a problem. I give this issue a 7 out of 10.


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