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It's rare to find a comic book that makes you sit back and think about it after you have completed it. It's also rare to find a superhero comic that has the chance to become nothing more then an action issue, but instead finds a way to make it seem very human. This comic does just that, and it's also one of the most amazing, beautiful books you will ever read. The world is ending, and there is no chance for survival. So, how will we act in our final moments? Will we fight? Will we try and make peace with people who have wronged us in the past? Will we spend it helping someone else out because it's what makes us human? Or, will we choose to spend it with our own loved ones so that we don't die alone? That is the power that this comic displays and it was voted comic of the week by me.

Al Ewing takes us on an emotional roller coaster that shows us what the world is doing in the face of the final incursion. He reminds us, that we as people are what made the Avengers who they really are. People can have powers. They can fly, zip around and save lives, but the true heroes are us. We are the ones that have the power to truly save someone else and give closure to another person because we choose to do it. We know that Spider-man has the motto "with great power comes great responsibility", but some people have no power. But, we still have that responsibility to be real human beings, to care for our family, to know right from wrong and to love each moment of life like it could be our last. Ewing had a chance to make this comic a fight comic, but he chose against it. Instead the swansong is something more and it displays more about the human spirit that any fight/battle comic could possibly show. Who truly is more powerful? Thor because he can shoot lightning or a person on an emergency phone hotline who stays among the chaos to ensure that someone who has nobody doesn't die alone. The final 7 pages of this comic are some of the most emotional pages you will ever read. Yes, we the readers are the real Avengers. We fight the good fight daily to care for others and to show the world that it's ok to screw up because at the end, being human is part of that. Expertly scripted and gorgeously drawn,Captain America and the Mighty Avengers#9 is the finale readers deserved. It a beautifully emotional coda, not just to this series, or Hickman's epic in Avengers and New Avengers, but to the Marvel Universe itself. This comic is beautiful, emotional, caring and inspiring. In better words, it is everything that a comic should be. After you read this, I would be amazed if it doesn't make you sit back and think about what you just looked at, and question why more comics are not like this. I give this comic a 10 out of 10. Comic of the week, if not comic of the month.


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