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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

With multiple reports coming in that suggest that Asa Butterfield, a favorite among fans, is out of the running for the role of Spider-Man it makes many wonder who Marvel will turn to next for the role.. While this is not confirmed, it seems as if it is coming down to two young actors in particular. Who will Marvel Choose?

Will it be Tom Holland?

This is not the first time a rumor has come out suggesting Marvel has narrowed it down to 2 actors to play Spider-Man. The original being Asa Butterfield, who is apparently no longer a contender, and the now front runner Tom Holland. Holland was not favored for the role as much as Asa Butterfield, but he may be our next Spider-Man. Many fans do not agree with him as being our new Web Slinger, but there is one more that is still in contention.

Charlie Rowe as Peter Parker?

Charlie Rowe is the young actor opposite Tom Holland competing for the role. Rowe, another young Brit actor much like our previous Peter Parker Andrew Garfield, seems a bit more suited for the role that Tom Holland. Rowe definitely has the look of Peter Parker but does he have the charisma? Only time will tell as he seems to be very quiet, not much like Peter Parker.

Marvel and Sony at Odds?

The countless casting rumors as it pertains to Spider-Man are crazy! We have heard so many things lately it is hard to believe. Lets hope that Marvel and Sony can agree on a casting option and get the ball rolling. Rummor has it that Sony and Marvel can not agree on a Actor best suited for the role, a rumor that Sony is denying. Spider-Man is rumored to appear in "[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409)" next July and if that is to happen, a decision must be made soon. Lets hope for a confirmation soon!

Who do you think should Play Spider-Man? Are you upset Asa Butterfield is no longer a contender? Who would you choose? Let me down below in the Poll and in the Comments!


Who would YOU choose to be Spider-Man?



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