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Earlier this year, 13 weeks to be exact, the first season of iZombie began airing on the CW; another DC/Vertigo adapted from the popular comic of the same name. However, unlike the other DC adaptations on the CW network, Batman & Flash.. Sorry, Arrow & Flash, this show is pretty far removed from the source material. In the interest of full discourse, I have only read about half of the comic series, but even then the changes are notable, aside from the premise: Zombie girl eats brains, gets vision of how person died and uses said vision information to solve murder, it’s a totally different story, the cast is different, hell, even the leading lady’s name is changed. Gone are the ghostly and were-terrier best friends and in is the witty British sidekick and ridiculously good-looking love interest. Despite the many, many changes we did get a fantastic TV show out of it.



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