ByBrad Dee, writer at

In the midst of Secret wars, many regions have been merged into more then one city. In one such part of Battleworld lies the region known as Manhattan, which has both the Ultimate universe, and the 616 universe trapped inside of it. But, this city will also serve as the Ultimates last stand, and they will not all make it out of Secret wars alive. As this issue shows, nobody is truly safe and Brian Michael Bendis has no problems with killing off some of his creations to show that it's a different world out there. But, thats where some of the problems come in for this comic, and this series as a whole.

Part of me feels that Bendis was given a form telling him that he was going to write the final "Ultimate universe" storyline and it would be a part of "Secret wars", but they failed to tell him what Secret wars would be about. Instead, we are now in the second part of a story that takes away much of what Secret wars and Time Runs Out told us about the incurions and Battleworld. It's almost impossible to tell what versions of these characters are even in this comic, as they seem to show no resemblance to any of the characters that we are used to. At the end of the Ultimate Spider-man series, we watched as the final incursion was set to begin. The Ultimate universe and the 616 universe went to war, and nobody survived. But now we have a universal displacement happening, and both universes are in the same universe, but what universe is it? Who got moved? We have some 616 characters present, but we also have the Ultimate universe Aunt May and Gwen Stacy meeting with Peter from the 616 universe? It gets even more confusing. In that meeting,the Ultimate universe Peter is still dead. So, what reality is this all happening in? Bendis tries to add shock value into this comic by killing off a major character within the first few pages, but knowing that everyone technically died a few weeks ago, it doesn't do much for the story. Instead, it makes it even more confusing. At this point, I am going to read this series to see how it ends up, but I am sure it won't improve. It pains me to give a comic like this such a low grade because I had such good expectations for it, but I can only give this book a 4 out of 10. I hope it does get better though.


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