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Dwayne the Rock Johnson seems to be in a similar situation as Arnold Schwarzenegger was in during his heyday, the biggest-muscled actor in Hollywood.

Recently it seems that Dwayne Johnson is in everything. He's not in anything great, but he's a huge moneymaker with films very similar to those Arnold found himself in. He's a fireworks actor who sells wows to the audience in the form of cheesy films made for movie-going drones. Having obviously criticized these films, I do think both of these actors are or have left huge imprints in the lives of nearly all movie-goers with high profile projects like "Hercules" and "Conan", or "Fast and the Furious" and "Terminator". There will always be a need for the muscly action star in cheesy grenade throwing flicks.

"Kindergarten Cop" being remade sounds silly. We can't even say we are entering an age of remakes, as remakes have been going for a long while now, but like many, we're still sick of remakes. Every year a studio tries to take a defibrillator to a once profitable and once popular film or franchise and give it the old reboot treatment. Studios have felt convinced that they can milk a dead cow and get nourishment from it, and while some people are fooled, it's rarely found to be nutritious.

I do feel the studios should wait on remakes or reboots for a significant period of time, unless it's to remake something that originally failed.

Don Michael Paul, who directed "Jarhead 2: Field of Fire" will be directing to film, which isn't a huge boost of confidence. Add David H. Steinberg as the writer, who previous wrote "American Pie 2" is not making it any better.

There hasn't been a cast attached to the project yet, but in order to nail the humor of the original the main character must be portrayed my a man of substantial size, which is where I'm drawing the conclusion that The Rock will take it up.

Dwayne the Rock Johnson
Dwayne the Rock Johnson

It's been noted that there have been major changes to the story, which includes am Indian sidekick named Sanjit. So, perhaps there will be less muscles and more of a comedy duo version of the original film. The story so far is that these teacher-pretenders infiltrate a classroom in order to gain information on a flash drive stolen from the Federal Witness Protection Program, and made its way into an elementary school. The main character and his Indian sidekick Sanjit will fight some Albanian bad guys and secure the flash drive back.

Ivan Reitman, a comedic genius responsible for giving us the original "Kindergarten Cop" also gave us "Meatballs", "Ghostbusters", and "Twins". Unfortunately his work is being remade by folks with far less substantial work in comedy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently trying to get a "Twins" sequel off the ground, called "Triplets", directed by its original creator Ivan Reitman and while Arnold is returning with Danny Devito, Eddie Murphy will also be joining the cast.

The original "Kindergarten Cop" may have pleased many people on a superficial level, but it didn't quite fulfill as "Ghostbuster" or "Twins" did. Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer reads: 51% with an average rating of 5.1 out of 10. It did however please the great Roger Ebert as he rated it a 3 out of 4 stars.

Roger Ebert had this to say about "Kindergarten Cop":

"Kindergarten Cop" is made up out of parts that shouldn't fit, but somehow they do, making a slick entertainment out of the improbable, the impossible, and Arnold Schwarzenegger."

So, the one Mr. Universe-sized problem is the absence of the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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