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During the 90s X-Force was a popular spin off of the X-Men. They started as the New Mutants and were lead by the time traveling mutant soldier Cable. They are described as a mutant strike team. They are a more aggressive, younger, and explosive unit of mutants , who would push the limits and boundaries that the other mutant teams wouldn't. The time has come for an out of the box over the top X-team that will shake things up in the Fox mutant universe. If we are going to have an X-Force movie we need to have the perfect cast and these are my suggestions.

CABLE - Clancy Brown

Cable is a soldiet from the future who is also the son of Jean Gray and Scott Summers. Besides being a warrior on par with both Wolverine and Captain America he also has both Telekinetic and Telepathic abilities. He is grizzled and gritty from years of fighting and will do whatever he thinks is right no matter the consequences. Clancy Brown looks and sounds the part but beyond that he is a more than capable actor. The part we currently associate Clancy with is that of General Wiling on The Flash among many other roles. I can picture him playing the role of grizzled mentor of the group that would do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of all mutants.

Cannonball- Charlie Hunnam

Cannonball is the field General of the group and is Cables protoge. He has the ability to fly at a speed of a jet airplane bit while flying has an inpenatrable force field that he uses to both bounce of or go through objects. If Cable is the soul of the unit Cannonball is the heart of the team. He worked in a Kentucky Cole mine and has deep southern values. Charlie Hunnam while looking the part would also bring the young leader striving to do right by his team, similar to his role of Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy. He has major acting credits with SOA but also action credentials from the Pacific Rim.

Domino- Charlizero Theron

Domino is a mercenary who is one of the deadliest women in the Marvel Universe. She is on par with both Gamorra and Black Widow. She is also the team member who is closest to Cable and eve sometimes his lover. Theron just finished a kick ass role in Mad Max and would fill both the seductress and action roles needed to be the deadly femme fatale. I imagine a love triangle forming between Cable and Cannonball contributing to tension between the teams two leaders.

Warpath- Taylor Lautner

Warpath is the brother of former X-Man Thunderbird. He originally blames the X-Men for his brother death and is angry and brooding. Warpath is huge, strong,skilled, and deadly. He is the strength of the team and not a character to mess with. Every good team needs a young kid with a chip on his soldier and Warpath is a great opportunity for a character like that in an X-Force movie. Lautner played a similar character in the Twilight movies. He is Native American and has that brooding quality. The one draw back is he is small for the role but there aren't many 7'2 350 pound actors out there. I think Lautner would have the screen presence to pull off the role and could carry a scene with anyone of the great actors I've already listed.

Feral- Rooney Mara

Stop me if you have heard this before but another angry, brooding, member of this team. She is exactly what her name implies, she is a vicious killer. Rooney Mara is a fantastic actress who was unbelievable in a similar role in The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo. In many ways the characters are veryou similar. Rooney would look amazing in the make up and as the character. I also see her pulling off the vicious nature of the character in the same way she captured the tortured nature of Lisbeyh in GWTDT.

Boom Boom- Kat Dennings

Boom Boom is the upbeat one of the group, which doesn't take much with this team. She has the ability to make explosive balls of energy that explode with devistating force. Who ever plays Boom Boom will have their work cut out for them trying to stand out and lighten up this group. Kat Dennings has the screen presence to capture a scene even with these heavy hitters. Her sarcastic wit and delivery is exactly what the role needs.

Well I hope you like my casting please let me know what you think and who you would cast.


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