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Hi, folks! I'm back for more fancasting. This time, however, I'm going to use a lot more imagination. For this time around, I will be fancasting fictional characters as... other fictional characters.

The Avengers is one of the biggest franchises ever, and one of the more popular forms of television since it's invention as a sitcom. For this contest entry, I have challenged myself with the task of splicing my favorite kind of television (sitcoms) with my favorite type of film (superhero movies).

In this article, you will see my take on the Avengers if they were portrayed by characters from popular sitcoms.

I'd like to start off my list with the world's oldest and strongest boy scout:

1. Captain America - Leslie Knope

Who better to lead a team of heroes than America's most dedicated government worker, Mrs. Leslie Knope? Nobody, that's who. There is nobody better at rallying a group of people who have trouble getting along than Leslie Knope. If she were to don the guise of Captain America, there would probably be great laughs and triumphant victories-a-plenty.

Clap for America!
Clap for America!

Now, for the least sincere hero ever:

2. Iron Man - Chandler Bing

Could I be any anymore metal?
Could I be any anymore metal?

Neither of these characters can get through an entire conversation without wisecracking, and we absolutely LOVE them for it. Whether it be a relationship ending talk or a facedown with a deadly foe, these guys can't seam to cut the sarcasm. Could this be any more perfect? No. This is the appropriate level of perfection.

And, the Jekyll and Hyde of the Marvel Universe:

3. The Hulk/Bruce Banner - Leonard Hofstadter

Leonard Hofstadter is one of the main characters of The Big Bang Theory and he's very similar to Bruce Banner. Bruce and Leonard are both PhDs. Both of them are physicists. They are also head over heals in love with a girl (forgetting that romantic subplot in Age Of Ultron and focusing primarily on Betty Ross) with whom they are in an on-off relationship. Both of them grew up with unfortunate parental situations that caused psychological problems in adulthood. There are so many parallels that make this a spot on fancast.

You can practically see him turning green in that video.

For the last chick you'd want to mess with:

4. Black Widow - Lily Aldrin

Okay. Those of you that watch How I Met Your Mother will know that this is a solid choice. Lily Aldrin is a feisty redhead with a dark past and a foot ripe for kicking butts. Black Widow is a... feisty redhead with a dark past and a foot ripe for kicking butts.


The similarities are no coincidence. Stan Lee and the creators of How I Met Your Mother knew that I would one day make this article. They conspired for years to create two characters perfect for a Moviepilot fancast mashup! Or maybe it is a coincidence and I'm just a huge nerd (probably not a bad thing).

I wouldn't mess with her.
I wouldn't mess with her.

To play Asgard's prettiest hero:

5. Thor - Michael Kelso

Michael Kelso is one of the main characters of That '70s Show. If I were to sum up his character, I would say that he is a pretty boy, and a pretty dumb boy. Kelso walks the earth thinking he can get any lady in the world, and he's right a lot of the time.

I think that he parallels Thor in a lot of ways. Thor is in stiff competition with Captain America in the ignorance game. Michael and Thor alike have a pretty hard time understanding complex jokes. The god of thunder is also particularly beautiful, and seems to be pretty lucky with the ladies. I mean, he did score Natalie Portman. And, if I'm correct, Michael Kelso also scored Natalie Portman.

Friends are the best. If only I had them.
Friends are the best. If only I had them.

Next is the crafty one:

6. Hawkeye - Bart Simpson

Okay, I'm going to be honest with you. A large part of this choice was because of the slingshot that Bart Simpson regularly uses on The Simpsons. But also, over the many many years that Bart has been terrorizing cartoon Springfield, he has shown excellent skateboarding skills. Or, really, skills in many different types of things with wheels. I can see him now in the Hawkeye costume, firing pebbles while piloting some kind of hovercraft/motorcycle hybrid. Also, Bart is a very talented at voice impersonations, as we have seen through his prank calls. That's just another thing that he can put on his resume when applying to be an Agent of SHEILD.

Just replace the Bartman cowl with the Hawkeye mask
Just replace the Bartman cowl with the Hawkeye mask

As the unofficial father of the misfit group:

7. Nick Fury - Red Foreman

This is a great mashup. I see a very similar attitude between the two of them...

It's just like Red Foreman to be verbally abusive but also helpful when it's absolutely necessary. Whether it be for giving advice or kicking a (butt).

That's all folks, I hope you all enjoyed the article. I know that I certainly had fun creating it.

If you did enjoy it, be sure to share with your friends and tell me if you have any other ideas for Sitcom/Superhero mashups!

See you next time!


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