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Let sum up original trilogy, They are the most focused on Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm. Jurassic Park 3 concluded it story with rescue from Ellie Sadler from first movie. The first movie is introduction for Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm. They ended survived. In Jurassic Park 2 was focused on Ian Malcolm after his huge living nightmare, so he became more aware on what going on. Second movie concluded Ian Malcolm's character that he is done with dinosaur business. In the third, It was focused on Alan Grant and little bit with Ellie Sadler. They remain friends than couple. Alan swore on himself that he would never set his foot on island,but he got tricked by two fake rich couple assumed that Alan Grant is expert on Isla Sorna when get all mixed up with Isla Nubler. Third movie, concluded the story of Alan Grant and Ellie Sadler's character on how Ellie kept her words with Alan whenever he need her help as needed.

This movie Jurassic World takes back to Isla Nubler from first movie with complete new story and characters when after many years of disaster with pre attraction park called Jurassic Park. They rebuilt it and change it into Jurassic World. They finally opened for big business for all tourists and visitors. We see many people enjoying themselves and have lot of fun for first time that we never seen in the first movie. The first movie was like sneak peek before big business that never happens.

We have new different characters that we can be familiar with from mostly Marvel movies such as Chris Pratt from Guardian of the Galaxy, he is the trainer for raptor as he obviously work at Jurassic World, Vincent D'donofrio from Daredevil, Omar Sy from X-men Day of Future Past as worker at Jurassic World, and Ty Simpkins from Iron Man 3 as visitor. I decide not to spoil the movie. All I was saying the characters did very well on interacting with other characters fairly.

The story is very well done and felt right because we all want to see what this attraction is like until danger appears in right time and place. The danger was Indominus Rex, the hybrid DNA of dinosaur manage to make it way out that cause chaos for all the people on the island. The main character had to find a way to get together by making right choices, mutual respect, and trust as the same from previous series with the characters in their own ways. Before the chaos appears, introducing the characters and their background that fit the story as well. It feel realistic with minor drama added in this with some of character that make you feel like you are with them emotionally.

It fit the right setting and place, because it take you back to the same island from first movie with modern technology for this new generation with updated cellphone,TV, digital related technology,etc. This is mixed with modern technology and fictional technology like hologram, gyrosphere, and some other that I won't say more are not in the trailer.

I believe many fans will love this and this would be good movie for any person not seen old ones. Start with this as the first time,if want to know more of history, can go back from beginning like first three movies. This is great popcorn flick and this movie is scary fun which blows your mind like hurricane.

I walked out of theater with satisfaction and wanting to see it again without looking forward for sequel like Avengers, Fast and the Furious series, Godzilla, Pacific Rim, and other leaving cliffhanging or feel like will be sequel type of feeling. It will make you think every details of the story. I am beyond impressed with this movie as same from second and third I saw in theater. It follows the same structure. I seriously think many viewers will love this movie especially Marvel fans from Guardian of the Galaxy. This is the best movie of 2015 so far I ever seen and probably not see future movie would ever beat this movie.


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