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Firstly I would just like to say that this is not confirmed just a fan theory of mine, secondly I say thanks for giving me a chance and reading through this article.

Now in my most previous article I wrote, which I wrote quite awhile ago I stated a few facts about the possibility of Moon Knight being introduced in the Doctor Strange film coming in late 2016.

Doctor Strange Film Logo
Doctor Strange Film Logo

And with this post I'll be following on from that and taking it one step further and bring Guardians of The Galaxy 2 into the mix.

Guardians of The Galaxy 2 Film Logo
Guardians of The Galaxy 2 Film Logo

So... to summarize the other article the points I had made referring to Moon Knight being introduced into Doctor Strange were...

  • Supernatural connection.
  • Verbal Easter Egg in The Winter Solider.
  • Kevin Feige stating that Moon Knight is a character he'd like to see one day
  • Both members of the Defenders comic book series

Anyway back to the topic, I just finished binge watching the last season of Parks & Rec maybe an hour ago and that made me think of the next Chris Pratt Marvel film, and that thought brought me to a tweet I saw from James Gunn and he had said that, "One of his favorite if not most favorite marvel character will be featured in the next Guardians film" or something in that aspect and from that thought brought me to another and that thought was, that quite awhile ago Gunn had a Q+A with another couple of producers from the first Guardians over face book and one question that popped up was "Who is your favorite character in the Marvel Universe?" and James Gunn's answer, clearly stated was just "Moon Knight".

This made me consider a theory, a theory that doesn't seem believable but with some development could seem plausible, okay now just hear me out...

So you probably know that Doctor Strange can travel through Dimensions and most likely be in possession of the soul gem and we'll most likely see Thanos during the film through a rift that he had opened to try get take the soul gem and through the fuss of it and The Sorcerer Supreme trying to fend off Thanos and failing (obvious because of the infinity war) some innocent stragglers get caught inside the rift, and one of those stragglers Marc Spector, the infamous Moon Knight so maybe he went through the rift on accident or on purpose, but either way he's through now roaming some sector in space lost and get pick up by the nova corps and causes some big ruckus and catches the attention of the GOTG or the same situation with the nova corps but instead the GOTG are called because of Moon Knight's Terrain Origin.

Well something like that, you can agree with me or don't either way I just wanted to put to my thoughts into words but yea... if you got anything to say just comment.

Thanks For Reading.

Doctor Strange scheduled for release November 4th 2016

Guardians of The Galaxy 2 scheduled for release May 5th 2017


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