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With Jurassic World being released in theaters this weekend, it was an immediate thought for the recasting contest on Movie Pilot. Although the original movie was a masterpiece (and the only good movie out of the trilogy), I decided to recast this movie to build off the hype of the new movie’s release. My submission will consider the actors as the age they were at the time of the initial release of Jurassic Park. An idea that I had for other potential recastings that would be to combine actors from the past and present to give me an all-star cast of the best people in Hollywood, however, the people I decided to fill these roles were old enough (and proven enough) to be casted as their age in 1993. I brainstormed different castings for other movies, however, they did not stack up to the actors I chose to fill four roles from the original Jurassic Park. Although I am doing a recasting of this movie, this is not

Dr. Alan Grant: Original Actor- Sam Neill; New Casting- Robin Williams

When considering the role of Dr. Grant, not too many names popped into my head. Robin Williams was the first one that I thought about to be honest. At first, I rejected the idea since Williams is a comedy actor mostly, which did not seem to fit the role. However, after considering it more, Williams would fit this role very well. As seen in his performances in Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting, Williams can handle a serious role tremendously. Not only did he handle those two roles, he gave audiences two memorable roles that are still discussed today. The role of Dr. Grant would give Williams the flexibility to utilize his comedic abilities (for moments of comic relief) while bringing his strong talents of dramatic acting back to the forefront. Unfortunately, Williams’s death robbed the movie industry of one of the great talents that has ever been on the screen. In my opinion, I believe that he could have portrayed Dr. Grant in another memorable role.

Dr. Ellie Sattler: Original Actress- Laura Dern; New Casting- Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver has starred in numerous movies as a strong female lead who is capable of handling herself in intense situations (Alien being the prime example). In Jurassic Park, she would bring that same intensity and fighting spirit that she has portrayed in her other roles. She is an easily believable person to play a person with a doctorate (more so than Williams honestly) as well. Another powerhouse to add alongside Williams, Weaver automatically ups the standard for the acting of the movie (however I am not hating on Laura Dern or anybody from the original casting).

Dr. Ian Malcolm: Original Actor- Jeff Goldblum; New Casting- Robert Downey Jr

The character of Dr. Malcolm required someone who could portray a man with a large personality and mass intelligence. After the roles that we have seen Downey Jr play recently, he surely sounds like an easy pick to replace Jeff Goldblum. However, before Downey proved himself in roles like Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes, he was nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal as Charlie Chaplin. Even at the beginning of his career, there were traces of the greatness that would be coming in the 21 century. For this role as Dr. Malcolm, his young talents would easily have fitted the character. His ability to be the man who knows he is the smartest man in room would thrive in this role that Goldblum made so famous in Jurassic Park (which was lost in the sequel).

John Hammond: Original Actor- Richard Attenborough; New Casting- Sean Connery

Connery has played one of the most iconic movie roles to ever grace the screen, so there is really no need to explain why he could perform well in this role. The character of John Hammond is a common one that has been seen in countless movies. However, Connery would be able to transcend the other characters who fill the same role as Hammond does (as Attenborough did) to bring a possible unique spin on the character or perhaps a better understanding of who this character is.

There are numerous other characters that are in Jurassic Park that could have been recasted for this contest, however, the only other characters to have a large impact on the plot are the two children. As much fun as it might be to dig up which current stars would have been the correct age to fill those roles at the time, it would still be hard to argue for their abilities at that time. Also, it is a pain to attempt to cast young ones in a movie to begin with. But this is my recasting of the classic Jurassic Park.


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