ByRuben Meloney Acuña, writer at
Ruben Meloney Acuña

From producer Steven Spielburg, comes United States of Tara. Its about a woman who is battling herself to figure out why she has alters who appear. In season two she is on a mission to find out about her child hood as new alters appear. Now she struggles with 5 identities along with her own. Buck who is her male alter gets her into a lot of trouble ( sorry no spoilers for you, you just have to watch the show). Then, there is Alice who is her pin up alter who strives to be the perfect wife and mother. Now, this one is a little hard to explain T., she is the 16 year old version of Tara who loves sex and wearing 80's clothing. Don't even get me started on Gimmie, the animal like alter that like to pee on people. then when Tara is seeking help from a therapist a new alter appears as she gets help from no other than herself (an alter that is a therapist) now that i gave you big hints you can now just watch the show and see how this dysfunctional person and family handle it all. Enjoy i know i will.


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