ByFrank Smith, writer at

While his endorsement is somewhat encouraging. there are a few things to address before I buy in yet again:

1) He makes a reference in writing T-2 as 'getting people to cry for a Terminator'. This is exactly where the franchise went off the rails in 1991.

Cameron and fans lost sight of the bleak, neo-noir atmosphere and tension that were central to Terminator 1's appeal.

Amidst the special effects, booming soundtrack , screechy kid acting, punchlines and explosions, the serious tone responsible for the 'Terminator' vibe was forgotten.

2) Oh yeah, and the fact that THE TERMINATOR was now A GOOD GUY being commanded to stand on one leg and spouting corny one-liners. Cheap and lazy plot device, Jim.

Imagine if that same device trick was applied in 'Aliens' with the space monster cracking jokes while saving Ripley.

There were so many more ways the story line and theme could have gone, while maintaining the integrity of the original, rather than the direction Cameron wrote T-2.

3) The scene in the T-5 preview where Arnold's character seems to actually be flying. WTF? Its a quick scene but it instantly rang of 'The Matrix' sequel where Neo was suddendly capable of flying and flew over the proverbial shark.


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