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Hello,I am Branislav,I am 22 years old,and this is my first article.
(So don´t be too hard on me)
All i want to say in this little article is,that Wolverine is my Hero and idol,and that I always wanted to be like him..
He is one of the heroes,tak has "pushed" me..
I am a amateur,i liked strong and big characters from the cartoons. (Most of the time)
For Example,GOKU-Dragon ball z,he is tall,strong,a good man(yes,I know he is a sayian,but you get the point),his powers are incredible,every time he trains,HE GETS STRONGER and BIGGER ! (Enough of Goku for now.)

BUT WOLVERINE,In something else..HE is diferent..
Wolverine is Aggressive ! He is violent,he is really is bad ! But only if you don´t know him.
Wolverine is kind,he is friendly,he is a good man (mutant)..but if you get him wont hide !
As a little boy,I Liked Wolverine because he was Not only BIG (In the comics and also in the animated series) but,hi was BIG,STRONG,FAST,And ...He could even heal !! I mean..HE IS AWESOME,He is ..The best at what he does.
He actually does not even turn "old" thanks to his HEALING FACTOR.His body is always young,strong,fast. He is really muscular,his chest is big,his arms are hard as stone,his legs are incredibly strong!..Everything a hero or a bodybuilder needs to have.
So..I had two options-
1.I would become a mutant like Wolverine and I would be a super hero..I don´t have a Healing Factor (Ok,I have it,but it is not so strong (Everybody has a healing factor)).
When Wolverine gets cut,or poisoned,he heals almost instantly (depends on the intensity of dame).
If I would get cut,or poisoned,I would have to go to a hospital or stay home for some really long time to heal (or I would die in time to the bleeding or the poison "effect".

I turn older,my body will not look the same when I am old (50 or something like that)
Wolverine does now he is old,but in the same time,he has a body of a young athletic bodybuilder,the power of a Power Lifter,and the speed and instincts of a wild animal.
I in the age of 50... (just and example,Wolverine is MUCH OLDER!)
I will be Strong (I hope I will..)but I wont be so strong,that I could lift a car,or break trough a wall..
I will have a body a of old (not that old) bodybuilder..My body will probably look good,but I could not fight 5 armed young men..That would be my end probably..

And for the last..ADAMANTIUM !
Wolverines body is "filled" with adamantium (experiment).He has claws with witch he can cut trough every material (expect Vibranium).(Without adamantium he has "Bone Claws",with witch he can also do allot of damage and kill and enemy very fast and in a brutal way).

So..let´s write it like this..
Wolverine is really a motivation for a lot of people (I am one of the people). He proved that you can become any body you want,you can get what ever you want.I mean,he was a bad guy,he worked for the ARMY ("Underground operations") and he "threw away" that life..HE became a honest man,with a normal job,he had a girlfriend..he had a great life.The proof you can have anything,and that you can become anybody you want to be.
He motivated me to start doing bodybuilding,but at the same time,I learned I can become anybody,have anything,and that I don´t have to be A "BAD GUY" (Evil) to get it.And I can help other people,just like anybody of us can help.
I am not Wolverinem,but I know I can help People,I cant get anything and I can Be anybody I want to be.
So that it,it´s not long,and A lot of people wont agree with me,but I know a lot people see things the way that I do.

I'm the best there is at what I do but what I do isn't very nice.


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